: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena: A Novel (): Anthony Marra: Books. : A Constellation of Vital Phenomena: A Novel (Audible Audio Edition): Anthony Marra, Colette Whitaker, Random House Audio: Books. by Anthony Marra (Hogarth) A Constellation of Vital Phenomena Marra is a brisk and able storyteller, and he moves deftly between a.

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The arguments no longer argued; no stakes, nothing mafra wanted or could lose. As I reached the end of the book, I struggled to decipher the point of the story or more pointedly the why.

From A Debut Writer, A Polished, Passionate, Must-Read Book

Dokka is being taken to the Landfill and his neighbor Akhmed, a somewhat failed medical student almost doctor, takes Haava to safety to Volchansk where he encounters Sonja, the only surgeon to whom phenomwna makes his case to allow both he and Haava a sanctuary for Haava, a mere eight year old, will become the next to die if not protected.

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As to the latter, it’s only as you keep reading that you realize how impressive that handling of time is, and how it reflects one of the themes. Police killed in Chechnya gun battle. Thank you to my local library and the Traveling Sisters Reading Group here on goodreads who read this brilliant novel with me.

They circumnavigated the area. She is found by Akhmed, the neighbouring doctor, who makes it his mission to ensure her safety and leads her to the one remaining hospital where he delivers her to the doctor, Sonja. I’m not saying I didn’t like the beginning of this novel, but when I arrived at pageI became hooked, absolutely hooked.

Book Review: ‘A Constellation of Vital Phenomena’ By Anthony Marra| A Broken Landscape : NPR

She walked alone down the school corridors, head sternly bent toward the stack of books in her arms Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Invader and invaded held on to their fistfuls of earth, but in the end, the earth outlived the hands that held it. From tone, texture and significance, there are little to no similarities. We all found our comfy spot to read this and were drawn into this densely vivid heavy in-depth plot that demanded our full attention. And whenever I see the name Sonja with a “j”I’ll think of one of the characters in this book.


I know, too, given all the stars this one gets from discerning friends that my own view is not the popular one, but I did find it a tad overdone.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra, review – Telegraph

But these are people shaken from the linear progress of time. Yes, this is more beautiful than brummagem. We got chopped off fingers, burned down houses, torture-induced ratting, and a whole host of other atrocities. Despite the horror, or perhaps because of it, one wishes to see the place, to care and bear witness for the folks that stood up for their most basic rights—to live in peace, if not happiness. I have a few small quibbles, the first being the over reliance on coincidence after coincidence.

Anthony Marra bypasses the facts and figures and takes us directly into the lives of ordinary people trying to make a meaningful existence amid the rubble and death and ongoing violence.

There were so many levels of understanding, so many multi directional paths that were taken that one needed full concentration of the task of reading a novel that was so well constructed it made the reader an integral part of the story.

Leaving three sisters and myself in a coulee continuing to read this story together. We see unexploded bombs lying in the street covered with toilet bowls,a clown crying in a basement during an aerial assault,a soldier insisting his prisoners wear seat belts on their way to a death camp.

And a highly accomplished architect. There were so many images and scenes that are left imprinted on my brain and heart that constellqtion times I felt as if I was watching a film by Tarkovsky, where the physical world melts continuously and effortlessly into bigger existential questions. The story begins with 8 year old Haava seeing her father taken by soldiers in the middle of the night.

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A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

The trees they passed repeated on and on into the woods. When she emerged from the bedroom, looking older than her eight years, he took her suitcase and she followed him out the front door. Paperbackpages. This is a book that made me pause, reflect and pause again.

May 07, Pages. How would a parent do that?

He was an incompetent doctor but a decent man, he believed, compensating for his physician limitations with his empathy for the patient, his understanding of pain. Feb 04, Pages Buy. Haava has a suitcase that contains souvenirs of a sort that she has collected from people who have passed through her home on their way to finding a better life if such is to be had.


But overall I felt the characters let this novel down a bit. I prefer a more direct, simple language.

Leaving three sisters and myself in a cou I started vitsl lost in a coulee reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomena with seven of my Traveling Sisters and some of us really got lost in this story.

May 07, Pages Buy. The moment Akhmed walks into the hospital with Havaa…rivals anything Michael Ondaatje has written in its emotional force…. So I, too, would like to ask if readers might recommend other work, whether by this author or others with the following elements: If you read as much as I do or even if you don’tyou’re bound to come across a book that is hailed by literary critics and readers as one of the greatest things anfhony, but no matter how much you try and read it and are determined to love it, it just doesn’t click for you.

I have to say I learnt next to nothing about the Chechen wars.

And then perhaps we can discuss what I’m missing. Sonja acquiesces knowing that she needs help, any help, even it it comes in the form of a semi doctor who graduated in the bottom of his class.

I started off lost in a coulee reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomena with seven of my Traveling Sisters and some of us really got lost in this story. There is no humanity in war. A neighbor, Akmed, saves her, and brings her to the hospital, searching for refuge for her. I found the frequent asides about the futures of the surviving characters rather irritating, and I think it does try to squeeze too many elements and too much research in to be entirely convincing, and there is quite a lot of writerly trickery.

The history of ethnic strife in Chechnya is long and confusing. It’s hard to comprehend how young the author is because his talent to turn this tragedy into an atmospheric, compassionate tale is truly remarkable. The walks no longer walked, the summer woods, the undergrowth parted by their shins.