Twelve timeless themes from First Peter. Included are: 1. Call It Heresy! 2. The Bible Is Not Dead! 3. You Can Have the Trappings! 4. Never Apologize for God’s . Tozer attacks the “notable heresy” that humans can choose to accept Christ and have the right to postpone indefinitely obedience to Him as Lord. From his. I Call It Heresy! has 51 ratings and 1 review. Pilgrim said: AW Tozer was a real man of books are a must read for those whoare in pursuit of ho.

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I call it heresy

We spend much time describing the woe of the sinner, the grief of the sinner, and the great burden he carries. He does have all of these, but we have over-emphasized them until we forget the principal fact — that the sinner is actually a rebel against properly constituted authority!

That is what makes sin, sin. We are sons of disobedience. Sin is the breaking of the law, and we are in rebellion and we are fugitives from the just laws of God while we are sinners. Certainly he will have grief.

He is going to be in pain after bumping logs and stones and fences as he crawls and hides away in the dark. He is going to be hungry and cold and weary.


His beard csll grow long, and he will be tired and cramped and cold—all of these will happen, but they are incidental to the fact that he is a fugitive from justice and a rebel against law.

So it is with sinners. Certainly they are heartbroken, and they carry a heavy load.

The Bible takes full account of these things; but they are incidental to the fact that the reason the sinner is what he is, is because he has rebelled against the laws of God, and he is a fugitive from divine judgment. It is that which constitutes the nature of sin—not the fact that he carries a heavy load of misery and sadness and guilt.

These things constitute only the outcropping of the sinful nature, but the root of sin is rebellion against God. Does not the sinner say: I warn you, you will not get help from Him in that way, for the Lord will not save those whom He cannot command! He will not divide His offices.

A W Tozer “I Call It Heresy”

You cannot believe on a half-Christ. He would not be who He is if He saved us and called us and chose us without the understanding that He can also guide and control our lives. But I believe we are mistaken when we try to add the deeper life to an imperfect salvation, obtained imperfectly by an imperfect concept of the whole thing. Can it be that we really think we do not owe Jesus Christ our obedience? We have owed Him obedience ever since the second we cried out to Him for salvation, and if we do not give Him that obedience, I have reason to wonder if we are really converted!


I call it heresy | Living Theology | John B. MacDonald

I see things and I hear of things that Christian people are doing. As I watch them operate within the profession of Christianity, I do raise the question of whether they have indeed been truly converted. Brethren, I believe it is the result of faulty teaching to begin with.

They thought of the Lord as a hospital and Jesus as chief of staff to fix up poor sinners that had gotten into trouble! That is bad teaching, Brethren. It tizer filled with self-deception. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.