Press Command-Shift-D to De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions. You can restore the backup copy of the Adept key by doing the following. Ran It found the key and saved as ” ” in the same directory where is. Then, I ran (v2. This will create the file in the same folder. Now, run the second script with wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Python27/

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Does it work with locklizard protected PDFs? Then I got ineptkey.

Thanks for the great info. I had this problem with an economics book that had lots of graphs but when opened them dwr ADE it showed them perfectly. Just in case any of you still have problems visualizing some of the pages on your PDFs.

Come on now, this is The ade;tkey instructions may look complicated – but they’re not. Thanks for that update! In the Open text box, type regedit and then press Enter. Download the e-book again. I got version 5 with this revision history: Sadly there is no Linux version, so we need to run the Windows version with Wine.

Prepare the requisite software–Calibre. Chatted to support – no solution from them about it. You can get the ID by creating an account at the Adobe website here. Save them in your folder, we will need these files a little bit later.

If yes, look for ineptepub.


IneptPDF.pyw for Removing PDF DRM

You can finish the conversion of ebooks quickly by only clicking mouse. I hope these are the latest version?

If you are using So I wanna make it easier for the next person. I have tried foxit phantomPDF to solve problem. This file contains the necessary information for Adobe Digital Adfptkey to locate and download the book. After the file is converted, you may manage your ebook via using some ebook managing software or read it on cross-platforms. August 10, by morosopher.

Email Address never made public. The Science of Destruction Everything under heaven is in utter chaos. When it prompts that the conversion is finished, you can find your file in the new catalog.

Use a free python scrip to strip epub DRM. But I am happy to use the method if it allows me to open my legally purchased books – adrptkey least till the day that Adobe supports my ebook reader! However, the method has allowed me to access my book. Well, I have no remedy for that. No rights whatsoever are reserved.

I have had the same problem using pycrypto 2.

I will show how to strip DRM protection. The first posting said: Copy the scripts into the same folder with the book. I got the same problem with Dave Veilleux, just double click the files which script i got from pastebin and not any of them work, nothing happened: Traceback most recent call last: Change it to self. You are commenting using your WordPress. For instance, ineptpdf 8.


What to do if you can’t authorise your ereader | Adobe Community

I used the default options for my PDF, but you can fine tune as necessary 3. In the dialog window I put the path to the input file the file was in the my digital edition folder and named a file name for the outfile file.

When you download this file successfully, double click the zip file to find all the parts of the plugin and keep the position where the file is saved in mind.

Dear Astrum Apologies for the slow follow-up adeptkfy my query of 27 Aug last year- a bit distracted and forgot to tick the notify box. Read the top-of-script comments for details. Try to scroll slowly to see if you could see those pages helped me onceor look for a different PDF viewer, like http: I tried the steps in the how to…I could not find the qdeptkey.

There won’t be any complicated operation like above.

DRM Removal tool, all python scripts, Calibre plugins tutorial.

Now load the file by dragging its icon on the Adobe Digital Editions window. Before you modify eer registry, make a backup copy of it. One of them suggested I log a tech report.