AGMA 908 – B89 PDF

AGMA B89 (Revision of AGMA ). April AMERICAN GEAR MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION ~~. Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting. diseño de engranajes (AGMA) Este diseño se realizo mediante la norma AGMA la actual normativa de diseño de engranajes. AGMA B89 (R) Information Sheet – Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting Resistance and Bending Strength of Spur, Helical and Herringbone.

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An informational illustration of the amga important dimensional parameters is given here. Interference can and should be checked on a detailed drawing, see the paragraph dealing with graphic output and CAD systems. This condition can be evaluated using Eq 7. The red highlighted text indicates commensurable numbers of teeth, which should be avoided. The Lewis method models the gear tooth as a cantilever beam and is most accurate when applied to slender beams external gear teeth with low pressure wgmaand inaccurate for short, stubby beams internal gear teeth which are wide at their base.

However, a different value may be set, if it is known. The rule is that higher numbers of teeth are chosen for higher output powers and lower transmission ratios. After processing the ” Design of toothing ” check the dimensions widths and diameters of the gears, weight.

The following parameters also have certain effects:. Bvalues 25,30,35,40 degrees can also be used. Range of permitted b899 Each tool form was used to generate 66 tables of agmq This is specified using the same recommendations as e a in case of spur gearing.


Since the boundary conditions strongly influence the ring-bending stresses, the method by which the internal gear is constrained must be considered. Probability of a failure is a function of the level of safety Smin [ The load normal to the tooth is calculated at the working pitch diameter of the tooth.

Starting with the general Hertz equation: Numbers of teeth affect mesh conditions, noise, efficiency and production aagma. The upper sign applies to external gear sets and the lower sign agmaa to internal gear sets. These values are then used in conjunction with the rating procedures described in AGMA B88, Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth, for evaluating various spur and helical gear designs produced using a generating process.


Helical gears are considered to be generated by a virtual shaper cutter with the following virtual geometry: A flow chart provides a step by step procedure for the calculation agma b89 these factors, either b9 or by agma b89 program.

These values are then used in conjunction with the rating procedures described in AGMA B88, Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth, for evaluating various spur and helical gear designs produced using a generating process. The tolerances are then used for the safety coefficient calculations. This load is then applied along the line of action tangent to the base circle and passing through the tip of the tooth. Define the number of points sections which form a complete tooth flank, see picture [ The following parameters also have certain effects: The lengths, C 1 through C 6, are derived from Fig 3-l.

This procedure provides a quick preview of parameters of the designed gearing. The tables do not include geometry factors when an undercutting condition exists in either of the two gears. This Appendix provides a reference for accommodating load distribution in a pair of high contact ratio gears. Safety coefficients can then be modified according to general recommendations for options of safety coefficients and according to your own experience.

This creates corrected toothing. Shoulders Reliance Electric Deceased F.

AGMA 908-B89

Setting these parameters substantially affects the calculation of safety coefficients. The basic bending stress equation see Fig C-2 for a cantilever parabolic shaped beam is: In case the result is not satisfactory, modify the parameter of the ratio pinion width vs. Enter the surface hardness. L where w w If the worst condition of load occurs where full buttressing exists, the value of Ch may be increased by 10 percent.


The calculation of this virtual spur gear is explained in other sections. These dimensions are made dimensionless and are converted to virtual spur gear dimensions in the normal plane. Gear pairs of which the size and suitability of the contact pattern are not proven and the bearing 9908 under load is imperfect 3. When designing non-power gearing, it is not necessary to solve and check any strength parameters.


The contact ratio in the face plane says how many teeth are in meshing simultaneously. The tables agja geometry factors contained in this Information Sheet do not cover all tooth forms, pressure angles, and pinion and gear modifications, and are not applicable to all gear designs. Select one of the 5 lines intended for sgma user defined materials from the list.

You can define two types of the tool in the form, with protuberance A and without protuberance B. It is possible to set all these parameters in details in the paragraph [ By sliding the slider in line [5.

It is based on the work of Wellauer and Seireg [7]. If required, you can select the calculation method directly from the list. Lower values – design of a narrower gear, larger module, straight toothing Higher values – design of a wider gear, smaller module, helical toothing. Less rigid box, longer shafts, ball bearings. Cr, Ro1, Ro2 per the second paragraph of section 3. It is a pre-selected value based on the root diameter of the pinion and the minimum shaft diameter [8.

The given value is the minimum limit value which leads to a slight undercutting of teeth. Selection of this parameter sgma the calculation method of the coefficients KH a and KH b.