Which test series is at par with difficulty levels of the CAT: AIMCAT, Handa Ka Funda, Cracku, What is the difficulty level of the current AIMCAT? 1, Views. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! time aimcat pdf повідомлень: . Aimcat pdf pdf Aimcat pdf Aimcat pdf DOWNLOAD!. AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Ref. AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT

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If you can do both of these parallely that’ll be great, otherwise doubt clearing sessions will be more helpful. Can average student crack CAT? I am a strong believer that one should NOT quantify ones quality of preparation in terms of number of hours of study, rather you should look at your preparation in terms of number of topics covered,number of concepts learn’t and so on.

Sir how much percentage is required in 12th for top 20 b schools? Comfort level This should be next thing to worry about. Work out a way to revise concepts. Sir aicmat u tell me exact formula to calculate cat percentile???? Preparation tips for Data Interpretation.

Discuss the issue with him and seek help. What are the contents to cover QA? If it is a difficult question, that deserves to be left out. That will help a lot in your preparation!! Yes, few of them may be sitters, but it wont be easy to identify them unless you have done enough practice.


CAT has always surprised everybody in the past. Have a nice time. Suggest, that you don’t see too many problems when there are none. Firstly analyse your strong and weak areas This aimcst the most important 131 since every test series depends on the same.

Chat Transcript

If your number of attempts is still low, then you need to improve in your basics and get more practice. I think I’m an average student whereas CAT comes into picture krishnakumar: Preparation tips for QA and DI.

Have you ever googled yourself? From the scratch krishnakumar: Repeat the tests will help to improve your timing. I am not saying that you will get rejected.

You need to fix up a time with a faculty at your centre, meet him, discuss the problems you are facing 1132 take personal help. But still a good sart. The idea is to maximize the number of attempts with maximum accuracy. Too many attempts will increase negatives. You did mention that your percentile is I have checked it Under heading Academic Inputs.

I feel iam unable to bear the pressure. Start from basic concepts You may not require more time ,take the chapter wise tests. Preparations tips – English Language for Bank Exams. This new site reveals so much more.


Aimcat 1015 discussion(Please Dont Click if you have not taken the test)

Hello, As I hav done first book amcat quant thoroughly Which are the most important chapters of quant in which I can try advance level.

I have heard a lot about test funda. Revise speed maths cocepts and regular practice will help. Chat on MBA as a career option.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT – 1312 DISCUSSION THREAD (Please Do nOt OpeN if you have not takEn the tEst)

Dont feel insulted look at solutions. Collect all your doubts and take help from faculty member to solve them. Any fill time paid work exp is OK. Possible in Nanyang or NUS. There are many good institutions for mock test series.

AND, i make silly mistakes It depends on the number of test takers and it tells you aimcar relative position in the rank list. JEE Main post exam chat.