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Overall, the author seemed to be trying to do too many things with his story. It was for his ability to develop imagery around these ideas, the perils of super VR computing, the future of aging, the twilight of reading, etc.

The most interesting characters rarely show up. A good novel should have good writing, it can be held together by concept alone. They veer wildly between pathetic and pretentious, Vinge can’t seem to decide whether any given one of them is a earth-shaking genius or a total idiot, so every character is both, with irritating and incomprehensible results.

I gave it fifty pages, and every single one was an effort.

In Rainbows End I knew more or less exactly what was going to happen and the only surprises were when things failed to happen: I bought one at the big library sale last year, but forgot I had done so, and then picked it up again at a used bookstore.

Google overcomes the novel. A cloak and dagger story about the grey wars between various government agencies and a mysterious rabbit, who probably is an A. There have also been major terrorist activities leading to increased military presence and regulations of technology, as well as advances in science. And still another story line is about a group of UCSD professors who are trying to prevent the shredding of all the books in the main library on campus.

Mercenary fleets are being hired by both sides to, on the Cetagandan side, set up an invasion force and, on the Barrayaran side, to counteract it.

To ask other readers questions about Rainbows Endplease sign up. I didn’t like not fully knowing who the rabbit was, and I’ve heard several theories about it but it isn’t really fleshed out in the story. However, the year is not mentioned anywhere in the book so I will have to take it on faith. There are also global conspiracies, library riots and Fahrenheit -style book cleansings, and far too much needless HTML-based artifice—the silent messaging between characters is distracting and not woven well into the book: I’m most interested in the grouchy poet.


Ruin Me Jessica Sorensen. I liked the characters of the poet who has been “cured” of Alzheimers and the mother who has had JITT Just-in-Time Training so frequently it is only a matter of time before her brain shuts down from the overload. I’m honestly so glad it’s over with. Jun 02, Allan Dyen-Shapiro rated it liked it.

Rainbows End

To someone in Robert’s position, though, it seems artificial and pointless. At least the rabbit has a funny voice in the audiobook. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Though the two events are seemingly innocuous whether taken together or separatelythe vast resources of computer power and analysts that are brought to bear on these events suggest to security personnel that someone is very subtly testing a new weapons system, perhaps a YGBM weapon YGBM stands for You-Gotta-Believe-Me, jargon for mind control weapons.

He is a touch more well-developed; he has a unique back story and understandable, powerful motivations for his actions.

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Russell Hoban Awards: Almost everyone is wired, you can carry petabytes in your pocket the sum total of all recorded human media on the equivalent of a USB drivethe world is globally-connected in ways we still are dreaming about but have not yet achieved, and sensory overlays can turn adcoiris physical world into anything its owners or visitors wish to visualize.

Books by Vernor Vinge. I like Rainbows End a lot, it gives what seems to be a convincing glimpse into the near future.

The takeover by the Axis powers affects everything in the occupied regions of America including speech patterns, religion, style, and sometimes even thought. The dialog is stilted and implausible, and all the voices sound the same.


I was re-reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works. Real life cross over this science fiction. Well, enough about the setting. But there are nevertheless people here and there who are surreptitiously working to regain that lost knowledge. Sony, Target, Kickstarter getting hacked? I’d guesstimate that the amount society changed from to is probably about the same it changed from to In addition to exposing the Cetagandan invasion plans, Miles is then also responsible for delivering Gregor back home safe and sound.

As a portrait of the niftiness and danger of the future, I suppose it’s reasonably good, though it’s rather slow and didactic compared with the pleasant breathless hurtle of cyberpunk my usual dangerous-nifty-future source. I found the story to be mostly a bunch of old, fading men trying to be unpleasant and manipulative to each other in conversation. In this respect, as a work of social science-fiction, Rainbows End is absolutely fascinating.

Most people “wear” — their computers are literally embedded in their clothing and their monitors are contact lenses. Not only are there flexible touchscreens, but one can get virtually any type of clothing with embedded microprocessors, haptic feedback, and sensors.

That would have been very cool if it was actually described.

The main character is Robert Gu, who was a great poet at the end of the 20th century, but who has arcoiria into dementia. View all 4 comments. Consider, for example, that the same weapons cernor in the American revolutionary war were essentially the same used in the American civil war The initial promise of YGBM almost immediately meanders into garden variety mind control.

It’s a novel about connecting with a lapsed generation and also generations of family long neglected.