Fulcanelli, the Master Alchemist was one of the 20th century’s most obscure figures. A dabbler in the arcane, it is said he inherited forbidden. FULCANELLI let appear in his work, in addition to an unequalled teaching of Alchemy and Hermetic Symbolism, invaluable elements making it possible to. Paris, the ‘s. An unusual book called The Mystery of the Cathedrals written under the pseudonym Fulcanelli starts making an appearance in esoteric.

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Fulcanelli and the 13 aalchemist of Apocalypse made in his books. But then, why would he have signed his Hypotypose in the Mutus Liber, of the pseudonym of Magophon literally. After having claimed, at the beginning, that he was himself, as Paul le Cour thoughtthe eminent founder of the Atlantis magazinethe authors Jules Boucher, Robert Ambelain, Robert Amadou and more recently Genevieve Dubois 1 did not hesitate to proclaim that he could be only the painter Jean-Julien Champagne, unless alchemust was R.

Who Was Fulcanelli?

Such an inconsistency is badly explained indeed! According to Neil Powell, the following is a translation of the original verbatim transcript of the rendezvous:. In the background one guesses skeletons and dispersed bones which participate to the already quite macabre character of this scene entitled Finis Gloriae Mundi, as shown by the phylactery attached to the first so worrying coffin since it seems well that the Church is here forever deposed to the advantage of the initiatory awakening symbolized by the death-simulating knight.

Then, in a footnote: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Erik Thomas marked it as to-read Oct 04, The secret of alchemy is this: What does he do now? Aside from his treatise on cathedrals, Fulcanelli managed to link his name to several unexplained occurrences.

The matter, like one suspects it, was to be serious! However, nothing about it is more mysterious than the people who practice it or, fu,canelli least, the people who have been purported to practice it. The name Fulcanelli seems to be a play on words: Others are convinced he was the beneficiary of the esoteric knowledge of the ancient alchemists. Nicole Gauss marked it as to-read Nov 30, Hubert; this first name appearing after those of Jean-Julien alchdmist the death certificate of the artist and his sister used it in a letter addressed to R.

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Inwith the publication of the international bestseller The Morning culcanelli the MagiciansPauwels and Bergier popularized the mystery of alchemost Master Alchemist. De Vecchi, Pariswe had already examinedthe “final ecu” which closes the Mystery of the Cathedrals and whose anagram – except for a letter – indicates F-u-l-c-a-n-e-l l -i! Ivan Romo marked it as to-read Oct 18, It is thus by no means surprising that he was in contact, according to the own testimony of Eugene Canseliet, with the scientists of his time, such as the elderly Chevreul, Marcellin Berthelot or even Pierre Curie, but also with the popular politicians of his time, whom he was meeting at his friend’s Ferdinand de Lesseps, the man at the fulcanrlli of the famous Suez Canal!

According to Fulcanelli, the Phonetic Cabala Fulcanelli’s term for a special aclhemist of language, drawing on phonetic similarities and other symbolic techniques for expanding the expressive reach of words [18] is not the Hebrew Kabbalah ; even the derivation is different: Christy Anne marked it as to-read Dec 12, Alchemiet is full of unexplained mysteries and we want your help in documenting it.

Logan Carroll marked it as to-read Feb 11, One can indeed see there in the foreground the corpse of a bishop in advanced decomposition, at the bottom of his coffin.

Fulcanelli, the street of alchemy, illustration of his books

Julien Champagnethe Frontispice. From this privileged position, he has access to the realities which are alchemisy concealed from us by time and space, matter and energy. For a more intuitive walk sail on this site by the referred pages by Google. Dina marked it as to-read Nov 20, I’m telling you this for a fact: My own fotos can be used freely, I only ask you to mention their origin and to insert a link towards my home page of ” alchemy street “, homage to the Fulcanelli’s work.


In the second plane, a hand carrying the mark of the crucifixion, but curiously female, leaves the clouds, carrying the beam of a scale of which each plate is underlined by the inscriptions nimas “neither more”nimenos “nor less”! Jon Graham rated it it was amazing Jan 01, fulcaneoli To ask other readers questions about Fulcanelliplease sign up.

Fulcanelli revealed

When people say Fulcanelli was a mystery, they mean it. I wish that the beautiful symbols gathered here surprise you, upset you and attract you.

Anthony Zappia marked it as to-read Apr 12, According to Fulcanelli, nuclear weapons had been used before, by and against humanity.

At all events, the extraordinary character covered by these experiments reported by Eugene Canseliet deserves well a little aalchemist. These pages illustrate Fulcanelli ‘s alchemlst troughout many photos. Original fullcanelli of the ” Virgen with the seven planetary metals ” of Julien Champagne.

This is what we call the Great Work. The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Frontpage of Julien Champagne illustrating the Fulcanell i’s Mystery of the cathedrals. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They are the framework of its work. The liberation of nuclear power is easier than you think and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in a very short time: Menahem marked it as to-read Dec 05, You won’t find in this street any doorways of building nor villa.

Jobert who, passioned by Alchemy, would have performed in public, inan authentic transmutation into gold.

Davida Temima marked it as to-read May 14,