Please see the Javadoc of the method setType(String type) in the class Intent: This method automatically clears any data that was previously set (for example. Uri uri = le(entry); Intent intent = new Intent( ACTION_VIEW); String mime = “*/*”; MimeTypeMap mimeTypeMap = MimeTypeMap. aAndType Method. (Usually optional) Set the data for the intent along with an explicit MIME data type.

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All runtime state associated with it processes, alarms, notifications, etc should be removed. You should certainly never, in response to ihtent.setdataandtype, change the wallpaper or other attributes of it such as the suggested size. Determine valid intent receivers Sometimes you inntent.setdataandtype to determine intejt.setdataandtype a component has registered for an intent.

Add an ImageView to hold an photo of the user to your MainActivity. Normally the type is inferred from the data itself. The last activity, com.

Connect this method with a new button via the android: The timezone has changed. When a split is installed in this manner, the containing package usually doesn’t know this is happening. This is a protected intent that can only be sent by the system. Starting other Android components via intents 1.

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The Intent contains an extra with name “read-only” and Boolean value to indicate if the media was mounted read only. Request contentUri ; r. For example, your application can start a browser component for a certain URL via an intent.

Run ; break; case “formfill”: Optional title that will be displayed in the chooser. If you want to maintain access to the documents across device intent.setdataandtype, you need to explicitly take the persistable permissions using ContentResolver.


A GTalk connection has been established. Flag for use with writeToParcel Parcel, int: This intent is delivered to the package which installed the application, usually Google Play.

This is a Bundle of additional data. This will result in the application of any affinities needed to have that task in the proper state either moving activities to or from itor simply resetting that task to its initial state if needed. The URI of the item that was created.

SetDataAndType – Xamarin

Setting this will hide from the user any activities without it set when performing an action on some intent.setrataandtype. As a result, you should always ensure that you write your Uri with these elements using lower case letters, and normalize any Uris you receive from outside of Android to ensure the scheme and host is lower case. Retrieve any explicit MIME type included in the intent. Register an activity as browser 8. Run flashInput, u3dInput ; flashInput.

Then launch an Intent with the View action, and the Intent.setdataandytpe.

Android.Content.Intent.SetDataAndType Method

However, his answer is too brief to understand. GetFileName fileName ; File. Register an activity as browser The following code will register an Activity for the Intent which is triggered when someone wants to open a webpage. Process a piece of text. If the data is null or does not include a scheme, null is returned. Return the MIME data type of this intent, only if it will be needed for intent resolution. URI it will bring up a compose window filled with the information supplied by the URI; when used with a tel: They will be prioritized before other service targets, but after those targets provided by sources that the user has manually pinned to the front.


Wired Headset plugged in or unplugged.

The specified set of packages can no longer be launched and are practically unavailable on the system. The name of the application package for the Intent. Wrapper class holding an Intent.setxataandtype and implementing comparisons on it for the purpose of filtering. Message ; ShowStreamStatusToast string. Run ; break; case “grayscaleconversion”: Don’t just say “got exception”.

This method automatically clears any data that was previously set for example by setData Uri. Can this method be used to avoid creating a new layout just to view image? For consistency, any receiver whose purpose is to prohibit phone calls should have a priority of 0, to ensure it will see the final phone number to be dialed.

Create an intent to launch the main root activity of a task. Activities handling this intent action should handle the vast majority of MIME types rather than only specific ones. If you don’t set a ClipData, it will be copied there for you when calling Context.

If an activity is ever started via any non-user-driven events such as phone-call receipt or an alarm handler, this flag should be passed to Context. For example, GmailProvider sends this notification when the set of unread mail in the inbox changes. The flags to remove. First, if the class of this object does not implement the interface Cloneablethen a CloneNotSupportedException is thrown.