Every student must submit his/her Anti Ragging Affidavit ON LINE every year at the time of Registration in all institutions of higher learning in India. It does not. Go to website Anti Ragging | Ragging in college | Anti Ragging Affidavit. 2. Click on section where this is written “click here to download your anti ragging. All students of all batches of Nims University are directed to fill in the “online” Anti Ragging Affidavit and submit a printed copy of the confirmation letter received.

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Home Affidavit for Anti Ragging. If you see Ragging happening you will immediately report it at She has participated in various national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. Fill Personal Details as required by the form. This man is sick.

Affidavit for Anti Ragging

That is a very different phenomenon to Ragging. You must also fill affidaviit form for your parents. The abstract in the aforesaid format is to be sent by mail by November ragginb, There is no money involved in this process. The best part of his classes is “a quick-pic revision” of whatever has been taught in the previous classes.

Acceptance of the abstract implies that at least one of the authors will attend the conference and present the paper. UGC regulation is attached for your reference. CURE an NGO working in the field of ragging has reported ragginng 30 students have died, allegedly due to ragging, in 2 years. You will need it to get a duplicate if you do not receive one by E mail. Please feel free to ragigng to us.


Understand the applications of various NDT equipment. His diligence for the work and his students has been highly appreciated. Is a Karnataka State Bar Council Member from and has interned under senior advocates and leading law firms in the City and has participated in many seminars pertaining to civil and International law.

Anti – Ragging Affidavit – Mandatory – NIMS UNIVERSITY RAJASTHAN

And then click the “Next” Button. Solve the complex patterns using machine learning algorithms. Research findings Views of the Founder. All that we require is to identify a group of people who are junior to us and demand admiration and obedience.

Click to View Course Completed Student. Also it should not be confused with hazing in affidavir United States.

Click to View Circular. Both these Affidavits can be downloaded from the Web.

This procedure needs to be completed within the first week after the classes reopen. We live in the land of Dhronacharya.

She has the credit of working with Fortune Companies and reputed Law colleges across India. I believe it is a cultural problem.


We have to understand that while tolerance is a virtue suffering injustice is a sin. Perpetrators of ragging are mentally sick students who like the drunk husband use ragging as an excuse to satisfy their sadistic pleasures. But when a student beats another student in a affieavit or a college campus then it is called breaking the ice.

Programs Corporate programs Programs. Who can attend the Conference The conference is enabled to provide a platform for raggig knowledge sharing. We are always short of money.

Sadly Ragging Still Exists

Victims of ragging are like those wives who believe that matters within the family must remain within the family, particularly, when they are sexually abused by their own husbands.

Presented her papers globally and authored articles and research papers for international journals.

Further practitioners and professionals, delegates from corporate houses, management consultants from relevant disciplines can also attend the conference who can exempt themselves from a paper presentation. She is ready to suffer pain, humiliation and abuse because she believes in keeping the matters of home within the boundaries of her home.