Effect of temperature on life history of Aphidius colemani and Aphidius matricariae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), two parasitoids of Aphis gossypii and Myzus. Use in Biological Control. • Aphidius matricariae parasitizes about 40 aphid species, including green peach aphid and closely related species (for information on. Comparing Aphidius colemani and Aphidius matricariae on Myzus persicae ssp. nicotianae in sweet pepper. Article (PDF Available) · January with

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This spring season is the second year that Aphidius matricariae has been released commercially on a large scale by many growers and the results are very positive. Numerous species of wasps are included in the genus Aphidiusbut all attack and control aphids. Every week 24 leaves per cage were examined, for a total of 4 weeks.

Several lab and cage experiments have shown that the aphid parasitoid Aphidius matricariae Aphipar-M performs better and faster as compared to Aphidius colemani on Myzus species.

Public green and gardens Palm tree. Biobest and Australian company Bugs for Bugs team up through equity deal. At 25 degrees C, an average of Yes, I want to receive personalized e-mails.

Koppert uses cookies and similar technologies cookies. The lower developmental thresholds for A. Aphidius colemani on the other hand always showed an aphid peak in the first generation, before controlling the aphids in the second. Biological parameters of both parasitoids including developmental time, pupal survivorship, percentage of parasitism, and sex ratio of the progeny were studied at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 degrees C.


This helps us to improve the website and our marketing communication towards you. The Lactin 2 and Briere 1 developmental models were accepted based on their excellent goodness-of-fit to the data residual sum of square and coefficient of determination and estimable temperature thresholds and are strongly recommended for the description of temperature-dependent development of A.

The app is an all-in-one Log in Register now. Matricariae-System Aphidius matricariae The parasitic wasp Aphidius matricariae can aphiidius about 40 aphid species. Koppert Canada officially opened their new local facility in Leamington, Ontario, on 4 December. Let’s make things easier for you We can offer you more relevant advice, if you let us know where you are and what language you prefer.

We’ll keep you updated. It also has a contributing effect in disturbing the population of the foxglove aphid. You have successfully registered. Hardly any aphid colonies were formed and within several weeks the aphids were under control. We can offer you more relevant advice, if you let us know where you are and what language you prefer.

Aphidius matricariae takes off – Koppert biological control natural pollination

What crops would you like to get updates about? Badgley Aphiidius, with special thanks to the University of California, Riverside, who kindly supplied this image from the UCR Chalcidoidea database collection. Interested in bumblebee pollination?

The performance of two aphid parasitoids, Aphidius colemani Viereck and Aphidius matricariae Halidayagainst Aphis gossypii Glover on greenhouse cucumber Cucumis sativus L.


Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant. A trade delegation from Jordan visited Koppert Biological Systems at its headquarters in the Netherlands last week. Get the most relevant updates by leaving us your details.

According to representatives from Ahold Delhaize and Albert Heijn, ornamental plant growers across the world need to provide more transparency about Badgley Aphidjus matricariae adult, parasitizing an aphid nymph.

Aphidius matricariae takes off

Here is your latest news. We do this to analyse the use of the website. The latest version of our printed Biojournal – special ornamentals – will soon be ready for you at the International Floriculture Trade Fair. The parasitic wasp Aphidius matricariae can parasitize about 40 aphid species. Choose a field or combine to discover the answer to your question. Accept cookies Decline cookies. The presence of a parasitoid also causes a panic reaction within an aphid colony.

Crop area open field. The dead aphids turn black and mummify, thereupon serving as pupae for the wasp larvae. The exact explanation behind this feature is still under research.

Relevant pests and diseases. The wasp parasitizes adult aphids and nymphs. You can find more information about the use of cookies in our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement. Earlier this aphidkus Jungle