Buy Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) of This short treatise on ‘ Aqida (Islamic theology) written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a. Aug 19, I recently had the opportunity to read Mas’ud ibn ‘Umar’s commentary (may Allah be pleased with him) on ‘Aqida Tahawiyya. After having heard. Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi. This is to be a comprehensive commentary of the famous Creed of Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi based on the commentaries of.

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If it was a mere spiritual experience or a dream the disbelievers of Makkah would not have denied it so vehemently as they did when the Prophet S informed them of this journey. He is beyond having limits placed on Him, or being restricted, or having parts or limbs. And know, that if the entire nation got together to benefit you in some way, they could never benefit you at all except for that which Allah had already decreed for you.

There is only one religion of Allah in the heavens and the earth and that is the religion of Islam “submission”. We leave their secrets to Allah.

Faces on that Day will be radiant, looking at their Tahawiuya [Sura al-Qiyama ] In a hadith it is narrated: The actual speech of Allah, being His attribute, is also eternal and timeless like all His other attributes. Allah will then remove the veil and they will see him.

Aqida Tahawiyya with Maydani’s Commentary – White Thread Press | White Thread Press

Delving into it and ruminating about it leads to loss, is a stairway to deprivation, and a step towards deviation. If Allah Ta’ala did not possess the attribute of speech it would mean that He is mute and hence imperfect.

The Messenger of Allah S recited the verse “For those who do good is the best reward and more thereto ” and then said: AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya 94 among the believers 77 and, although we fearfor them, we do not despair regarding them The grave is either one of the gardens of Paradise or one of the pits of the Fire.


He completed the memorization of the Quran inand thereafter graduated from Madrasa Taleemuddeen, Isipingo Beach in It reflects man’s dependence on Allah to carry out any deed. And we are certain that Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace is His chosen Servant and elect Prophet and His Messenger with whom He is well pleased. This is known as al- Kalam al-Nafsl The words and letters of the Qur’an that are written in the mushaf and that are recited is known as al-Kalam al-LafzT and is indicative of the actual speech of Allah al-Kalam al-Nafsl It is as if al-Kalam al-LafzT is the outer shell or cover, whilst al-Kalam al-NafsT is its core.

The Pen has dried having tahawjyya all that will occur until the Day of Judgement.

This acceptance is the same for all believers and cannot be said to be found more in some than others. We hate anyone who hates them or does not speak well of them and we only speak well of them. This capability is integral with action, whereas the capability of an action in terms of having the necessary health and ability, being in a position to act, and having the necessary means, exists in a person before the action.

This in essence is the religion of Islam and is the only acceptable creed in the sight of Allah: For instance, in SahTh al-Bukhari, a detailed hadTth is narrated by the companion, Malik ibn Sa’sa a, wherein the Prophet S related the events of night of his ascension to the heavens, in which he proceeded from the first to the seventh heaven meeting various Prophets.

Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

This is the explanation of the phrase: He began devoting his attention to studying HanafT works and this eventually led to his joining the HanafT school of Islamic jurisprudence. The existence of everything besides Him is solely by His granting them existence. It is necessary to believe in them as aqica and not to interpret them figuratively. Allah warns him and censures him and threatens him with Fire when He says, Exalted is He: Oneness in His Actions indicates that none can act independently of Him nor does anyone share with Him in His actions.


This attribute is known as Tahaiwyya Divine Will. As ‘Owner’ of the entire creation He possesses the full unreserved right to do with them as He Wills. This is because He has the power to do everything, everything is dependent on Him, everything is easy for Him, and He does not need anything.

One of the Best Commentaries of ‘Aqida Tahawiyya

He has always existed together with His attributes since before creation. When man firmly resolves to do something Allah Ta’ala creates that action for him – be it good or bad. He is the one who has been sent to tahhawiyya of jinn and mankind 41 with truth and guidance and with light and illumination AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya Indeed, with you are some angels who never leave you except when you answer the call of nature or are engaged in intimate relations with your wives.

Once whilst Allah’s Messenger was going with us towards the dwellings of BanT al-Najjar, riding upon his pony, it AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya one’s Lord, one’s religion and one’s Prophetas has come down in narrations from the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and swayed and he nearly fail.

These people are passing through the ordeal in the graves. Imagine a house whose rooms are well provided with luxurious furniture, standing on a high mountain surrounded by a thick forest; suppose that a man came across this house, but could not find anybody nearby.

The great scholar of hadTth Baqiyy ibn Mukhallad compiled an entire booklet in which he gathered these ahadTth. If Allah Ta’ala was not eternal it would mean that another being was required to bring Tahawigya into existence.