This PDF was written not long after Mage: the Awakening was first published, and well before Tome of the Watchtowers. Its goal is to give. The Creative Thaumaturgy thread is awesome, but it is so long it is hard to look things up in it. You can sort by Arcana or Potency or author, etc. Midnight Entity > Mage: the Awakening > ~ Creative Thaumaturgy of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable.

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Life — All living things and their processes, instinct, regeneration, biological control, evolution. The mage cannot render an object weightless ghaumaturgy this spell, but can make telekinesis via Forces more or less difficult see “Tekekinesis,” p. Spells are organized by their primary Arcana.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

Ghaumaturgy success allows the target to halve the time round down it takes to heal bashing, lethal and aggravated damage. This also applies to spells that simply increase a dice pool. His interpretation is more scientific, involving condensing both ambient and internal mana reserves, but the function is applicable to all mages, and after doing so, he provides his notes to the consilium, for all the mages thaumsturgy benefit, as well as submitting it to the magisterium for distribution at conclave.

Arana example, a mage could cast this spell on a section of wall and step through it as though it were not even there, but the bullets fired from a gun would not pass through. The target takes damage according to how the press of years would affect them – mortals grow older and infirm, vampires might get lethargic and desirous of Sleep, etc.


The mage shapes non-animate digital constructs in the space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage. Yossarian has reassembled it, much in the manner that modern craftsfolk study old notes and re-create lost practices in their arts.

That can be your basis. Prolonged one scene Aspect: With Spirit 4, the mage can cast this spell as an instant action and can also limit who can enter or exit the gate. This spell functions similarly to the “Create Fetish” spell MtA p.

Granting automatic success or failure. Most players will be somewhere in-between once they get the hang of it. The best way to gain access to these sorts of expertise is to pull it from somebody elses mind, someone who has already done all the work required to attain that level of experience. These items may be turned into a rote, following the rules from MtA p.

~ Creative Thaumaturgy ~ 2nd Edition ~ (Midnight Entity)

The Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle Storyteller: In this case aimed towards the interaction of twilight bound spirits rather than vengeful shades. This spell requires that the mage touch both the item to be insubstatiated. The mage is using his knowledge of prime to increase the “Feedback” on spells. Matter — materials, molecular structures, chemistry, supernal materials. Jerad Sayler Assistant Storytellers: This use of Time magic proves the axiom. For the duration, anyone in the area suffers a penalty of the caster’s dots in the Fate Arcanum to any situation determined by the st once per round based on environmental factors.


You have spells that will upgrade attributes, but what about Skills? Duration is based on successes, and this spell uses Advanced Prolongation Duration factors. A minority of players all but abandon the described spells and think only in terms of the Practices. Out of Character OOC: They can gain one dot of merits per level of potency, up to a maximum of their mind, and they must meet all the normal requirements for the merit.

None The attacking mage must be able to perceive the ghost, either once the ghost has manifested or using a spell such as Speak with the Dead MTA Death — Souls, ghosts, ectoplasm, undead, darkness, entropy, mortality.

As I’m writing this, though, I’m thinking up a solution. As pre-packaged blocks of rules already designed to fit into a lot of different systems, Conditions are an excellent source of inspiration thaumaturvy long-lasting spells.

Join the millions that use us for their forum communities. Creating a spell that generates big noise, with no purpose. Four dots in matter? Mind creattive consciousness, intelligence, telepathy, neurons, Astral travel, memory, mentalism, hypnotism, mental control, inner demons.

Guiding Star Dice Pool: Second edition flat-out tells you about it, and about how Fate interacts with destiny, and how magical sympathy and contagion work with Space.

What do you suppose makes the most sense? I’ll have to think on this, actually.