Mammoth Hunters [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has. Jean M. Auel, Author Crown Publishing Group (NY) $25 (p) ISBN her chances with the mammoth-hunting Mamutoi, attended by her faithful lover, Jondalar. Once again Jean M. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and danger at the dawn of the modern human race. With all the.

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I fear to think what the fifth book will look I am apparently unable to stop reading a series, even if it is mediocre.

Fix field “sort by title”. I’ve invested too much in this decision, and nothing is going to change my mind now. We get it already. Look at those breasts, full but well-shaped, just like they must be.

The Mammoth Hunters

During her sojourn with this clan, Ayla Jun 25, Pages Buy. I guess now that she’s with her kind of people, Auel just can’t make it interesting. She has finally hjnters the Others she has been seeking.

At her adoption ceremony, Ranec kisses her and tells her he wants to bed her. I find it endlessly fascinating. There are some other harmful actitudes in the book, but these are the most relevant; I think I’ve already made my point. By the time she invented needles and thread, I was pretty disgusted. The description of the musical instruments and their use was another descriptive highlight, as were the interesting titbits on food sources and preparation.

The Mammoth Hunters | book by Auel |

Jondalar put his arm around her again, and she noticed a fleeting look of pain wrinkle his brow before he spoke. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Describe all actions in minute detail — turn page. There really is a lot of good served up alongside of the bad in this novel, you just have to be patient and pick through emotionally volatile idiots and repetitive descriptions to get to it.


Now, Ayla is quivering in fear, afraid that this Other mammot going to see her and immediately know, somehow, that she lived with the Clan and hate her this is only 1 of the many continuity conflicts in this story.

It’s like Auel was trying to write a real book and a Harlequin Romance kept breaking out. She received honorary degrees from her alma mater, as well as the University of Maine and the Mount Vernon College for Women. They both had the same direct approach, the same unselfconscious–almost ingenuous–candor.

The “Others ” continue to seek a better life, new tools made, weapons, sheltersclothesfood and more lands to settle.

This extremely popular book series 45 million copies sold and counting, maybe not quite accurate as new research has shown, yet is the closest anyone today can experience the atmosphere of the crude time, no civilizationintensely superstitious people, harsh customs, strange ways and only the fittest prevailed Someone please tell the author a cold is caused by a virus and they need to catch the virus from another person who has it or carries it.

There are a lot of details that are now disputed because of advances in paleoanthropology, but for the time when she was writing this was really just about perfect.

May 11, Diane rated it really liked it. The big man”s mouth gaped open in astonishment as the horse with Ayla on her back galloped along the edge of the river. When I read this series, it was a long wait between each book 8 to 10 years eachyet I remember all of the books pretty clearly. Feast your eyes on such literary incredulities as; “Jondalar’s large throbbing manhood”, “Ayla’s pink place of pleasure” and her “petal-like folds”.

The tribe meets no-one, but they catch colds. Oct 06, Pages Buy. And considering the sheer length of the book… the resolution was far too long in coming. But I figured after that little mishap, they would start to learn from their mistakes. But apart from this her achievements are endless! She felt annoyance for a moment and, for an instant, the impulse to refuse. Fix field “sort by title” 2 16 Sep 17, What did the most destruction to the goodness of this book was one of the absolute stupidest, most inane, childish, disgusting, vapid, retarded Big Misunderstandings in the world of Big Misunderstandings.


The author repeats herself over and over again; she treats the reader like they’re stupid and cannot remember a thing.

But I still love Ayla and Jondalar despite their cluelessness and I love this story so I am looking forward to book 4. Kind of like Harry Turtledove.

The Mammoth Hunters – Wikipedia

Though Ayla must learn their different customs and language, she is adopted because of her remarkable hunting ability, mqmmoth healing skills, and uncanny fire-making technique. And that brings me to without a doubt the most annoying facet of the entire makmoth. They stop having really bad sex and talking about the origin of babies, which was a great disappointment to me, as I enjoyed counting the times in the last book that that topic appeared.

This has one of the most emotionally trying love-triangles that I have ever encountered. Throughout the icy winter the tension mounts, but warming weather will hunyers the great mammoth hunt and the mating rituals of the Summer Meeting, when Ayla must choose to remain with Ranec and the Mamutoi, or to follow Jondalar on a long journey into an unknown future.

Published June 25th by Bantam first published Other books in the series. We had this au pair, an extremely smart girl who later became the editor of an architecture journal.