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Lodovico may have studied for a time in Romebased on the evidence of a madrigal published there, and he became a priest. Ave mundi spes Maria, ave mitis, ave pia, ave plena gratia. Ave virginum spwrtito, per quam fulsit lux superna his quos umbra tenuit. In whom, sprtito through the spirit, the paraclete, shone fruitfulness. Robert Bellarmine absence of reflection that every day throws into c John of the Cross. Ne nos pro nostro vitio, in flebili judicio subjiciat supplicio.

Endeavoring Catholic Perfection: Ave Mundi Spes Maria

Hail, hope of the world, Mary, hail, meek one, hail, loving one, hail, full of grace. Spartitoo, castitatis lilium, tuum precare filium, qui salus est humilium: Amen dicat omnis homo.

Agostini was also a composer of accompanied solo song; since many of the performers at the court were instrumentalists in addition to singers for example Livia d’Arco was a virtuoso player of the viol he wrote for both lute and viol as spartuto to solo singers. Furthermore, if we accept them as evidence of some sort of collective diversion, how are they intended to amuse — are they humorous or cerebral, or both? Newer Post Older Post Home.


Cujus fructus nostri luctus relaxavit vincula. Through whom slavery is finished, a place of heaven is opened, and liberty is returned. Enigmi musicali and L’echo, et enigmi musicali are canons to be solved by riddles, [1] full of unusual chromatic progressions, instrumental interpolations, and other musical curiosities.

O, lily of chastity, pray to thy son, who is the salvation of the humble: Ave rosa speciosa, ave Jesse virgula: They all wrote music for the enjoyment of a small group of connoisseurs, including the Duke himself.

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Any Expression Web Design. Xve He was born in Ferraraand spent most of his life there. Our Lady of Guadalupe. Ave cujus viscera contra mortis foedera ediderunt filium. But may she, by her holy prayer, purifying from the dregs of sin, place us in a home of light Amen let every man say.

Ave carens simili, mundo diu flebili reparasti gaudium. Lest we through our fault, in the tearful judgment suffer punishment. Under the patronage of Duke Alfonso II d’Este the court developed into a place of musical experimentation, with a group of virtuoso female singers the concerto di donne available to an equally virtuoso group of composers, who included Luzzaschi, Agostini, and in the s, Carlo Gesualdo.

I Cor Download V. If you or your choir perform this Ave Maria, make a video recording. Cujus fructus nostri luctus relaxavit vincula. Pater noster expounded by St. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lodovico Agostini — September 20, was an Italian composer, singer, priest, and scholar of the late Renaissance. Hail, beautiful rose, hail, staff of Jesse: Jean Croiset “In this important matter [salvation], a sensible man is struck more strongly by the slightest doubt of the risk he runs than by the evidence of total ruin in other affairs in which the soul is not involved.



YOU could be featured here! Gonzaga went on to become a composer of madrigals himself, and in addition was a close associate of Palestrina.

Hail, gem of the lamps of heaven Hail, sanctuary of the Holy Ghost O, how wonderful, and how praiseworthy is this virginity! Hail, O one lacking comparison, still tearfully renewing joy for the world Hail, lamp of virgins, through whom the heavenly light shone on these whom shadow holds.

Agostini, Ludovici – Ave mundi spes Maria

Lest we through our fault, in the tearful judgment suffer punishment. It is the multitude nevertheless, who tremble not. Agostini’s enigmi musicali are secular, polyphonic vocal works, but they cannot be classed simply as madrigals, nor are they representative of so-called lighter genres of villanelle or canzonette. He was a close associate of the Ferrara Estense court, and one of the most skilled representatives of the progressive secular style which developed there at the end of the 16th century.

Per quam servitus finitur, posta coeli aperitur, et libertas redditur. They exist somewhere on the fringe of the repertoire, with a specific character that reaches in towards the to us more familiar forms of Italian secular music, but that also reaches out to and overlaps with other spheres of play and philosophical engagement.