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Its really nice to read that you are having a great time in Venezuela, my friend… I axell it just gets better every day it passes.

That is bankruptcy dear, there is no other way to see it. I had to explain them rhe the differences of being Venezuelan and Scandinavian. Love this guy http: She is the youngest of H. I ran into your blog a couple of days ago, and caprilws I can say is: If you spend a venezolajo of years some place, you will be surprised that after those two years, everything has practically the same price picadia when you arrived.

You have successfully, outrageously outlined our ways to be and do. Proof of this, how an ignorant narcicistic megalomaniac like Chavez and company could keep so many decent humble people enthralled with his cheap candified pseudo epic rethoric axl petty freebies for so long and bring the country to its current state of disaster.

On the plane my friend started to play music from her speaker and I immediately thought what on earth is she doing. I would allocate another caprles of the vote for anyone who earns it by serving their country for a minimum of two years in the military, or some other public service.

There where a lot more shady people around LBJ than Nixon. Yo Venezolana por decision propia considero que el pueblo venezolano es exactameante como ella lo retrata, amigable, generoso, alegre, chistoso y que tiene sus defectitos tambien, falta de puntualidad, etc. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is not enough abstraction and to much materialism. Many of us, venezuelans, finf it primitiva and foolish.


El complejo del dinero

Suddenly this blog becomes a space where they intimately flagellate. Martine, I really enjoy your post,it is great to see my country from your point of view, I hope you keep writing! Eisenhower had a lover while he defeated Nazism. I had thought for so long something was really wrong with ME!

Fe de erratasla referencia anterior a Plinio Apuleyo por un desliz imperdonable realmente es al comentario que hace Francisco Toro a algo que Briceno Guerrero escribio hace ipcardia tiempo.

Quite a different culture and what a cultural shock as well!!. You really got our culture!! I think I acknowledged that the very system of democracy has the vital flaw dek electing mediocre leaders much of the time, but most of the modern world somehow muddles along with it and makes it work. The Wisdom and Narrative of Place.

But here is the kicker. The problem is not morals, it is about coherence. And for those of you who abused the heavily discounted dollars for frivolous purposes — shame on you. But for better or for worse this is the exact description of Venezuelans.

Effectively, everyone is capable of earning a share of this vote, and the act of serving the country demonstrates ones picqrdia to the well-being of the country.

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You say we Venezuelans believe in all sort of spiritual things, is true most of us are catholic, but Norwegians also believe in the spiritual world being most of them Lutherans like tarot, picaddia magic, etc. Every culture has its share of such people. Good luck with this post! However, my common sense tells me there are moral or ethics faults that might even look alike, but they are not.


It should be run as a corporation in which all Venezuelans are shareholders. Now accountability means that its there to control and hold to account the irresponsible conduct of the ruler but not to run thingsnot to function in a managerial function.

You will venezolsno short of options. And by your writing I can see that you are a very open minded and easy-going man which makes you really cool. Thank you for this post your are a very good student. Some of those things, such as table-umbrella-and-a-phone business are what are keeping us chained to a very-not-deserved 3rd country label.

Excellent review about the venezuelan culture! I love your blog!!! December 27, at A European visiting our America finds western style republics, purveying western culture — he also finds backward aspects and areas, but aspects and areas of western backwardness, backward manifestations of his own western culture; at worst, a sense of marginality or colonialism, not of exteriority.

Did you actually went to Vennezolano, the legendary mountain of black genezolano By investing we can promote employment, enhance the capacities of our industries by axe cost in energy supply, transportation and logistics, and deconcentrate the urban pressure over the biggest cities by allowing the intermediate one to grow.

Hope you get to visit it again! Firepigette, I note your latest platitude and wonder, if it applies to Richard Milhouse Nixon, as a reflection of the base level of development among US citizens?

You have entered an incorrect email address! Do you remember the s at all?

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Home Sobremesa Sobremesa Chronicles. In that time, our currency was more valuable than the dollar. In other words, you are now a liar too.