Because They Wanted To [Mary Gaitskill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill. Charles Scribners. With her crisp prose and withering eye for detail, Gaitskill invests these scenes with psychological vividness and desolate poignancy. The title story is a portrait of. Because They Wanted To. By MARY GAITSKILL. Simon & Schuster. CHAPTER ONE. Read the Review. Tiny Smiling Daddy. He lay in his reclining chair, barely.

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The first pages of Mary Gaitskill’s writing that I read was a lot of fun – I was nodding along and “oh my god, totally” -ing with her descriptions of uncertain people in uncertain situations. Account Options Sign in.

Because They Wanted To: Stories – Mary Gaitskill – Google Books

It is lurid and sublime and can be heartbreaking in a bunch of ways you never really experienced as a reader. Because They Faitskill To the title story Elsie, after sneaking across the border to Vancouver, Canada, gets the only job she can find as an underage illegal alien: Also, there may have been in gaistkill in the percentage of abstract adjectives, but even these stories weren’t bad.

On the positive side, the author’s skill is not in question–she is in a class by herself when describing her characters’ innermost thoughts. Blanket Valerie starts up a relationship with a younger man named Michael.

There’s a story in this collection in which a woman at a bad party finally feels joy and connection when she lets her hand rest on the roll of fat at her friend’s waist. These stories left me uncomfortable without teaching me anything.


She has Not as good as Don’t Cry, but still wonderful. So then I went on a Mary Gaitskill binge – I read everything she wrote, and realized that I was re-reading those pages over and over again, with different names but similar characters in slightly different situations. I understand that sometimes this structure can really work and sometimes it really did but, for many of the stories, it felt like she was relying too heavily on a formula. Find me on social media. An enjoyable, if a bit guilty, read.

I would normally rate this 4 stars because I didn’t enjoy every story honestly maybe because I didn’t get the point of thembut I’m giving it 5 stars because the ones I did enjoy, well I LOVED them. The children ate breakfast in the centre of this surging effort. It’s a good story, but when you see it reflected again and again through the collection, you wonder when Gaitskill’s gonna step out of her comfort zone. This is a terrific collection of longish short stories by a writer with a very keen eye for the human condition and ear for language.

Ugh, Are You A Feminist?

Book Review: “Because They Wanted To” by Mary Gaitskill (A Collection of Short Stories)

bevause In every story, I feel like I met real people, people who are All her movements were like the tail end of a great, bursting effort, like a grab for a lifeline in a midair leap. I can’t relate in any way to anything any of these people purport to feel. Also, most of her stories seem to thye without any resolution.

I’d read most of these stories in the magazines they were originally published in, but to read them one after the other, in the same volume, is a treat.

What I mean to say is, for me, these stories inspired deep longings, which they left unsatisfied. Apr 02, Allison Floyd rated it gairskill it Shelves: I’ll take Wuthering Heights over the withering depths, no matter how deftly rendered and they are. In a book of short stories, you just get a lot of perversion.


Gaitskill has a peculiar imagination-and an inescapably erotic one. It’s a cross between pretentious and mysterious. Frankly, a lot of times I felt bored and found myself flipping to go end of stories to see how much longer I had to endure them, which isn’t a good sign. In fact, he referred me to his wife, who is also a cosmetic dentist, and is a gorgeous blond.

Because They Wanted To

Feb 27, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel like some of the discomforting aspects were added more for shock value than for any literary purpose. The stories of “Because They Wanted To” were incredibly well-written, thought-provoking and – I found – painful, taken in full.

It reads, sometimes, as kitschy–as if she can’t really escape this bondage-box, as if her characters are all sort of blurring together and experiencing the same conflicts in different settings. Her characters talk about sex so much that you start to hate anything sensual. It was like gxitskill thought everybody had it, and the best you could do was to cover it up, and sometimes it would just becauuse boiling out anyway. I really wanted to like it, but there were a few things that I had a hard time getting past.

While reading, often this erotic charge pulsing through her work was disturbing, invasive.