Net to construct a full-featured website in minutes. As an open source product – Selection from Beginning DotNetNuke® Skinning and Design [Book]. “Skinning” refers to an application’s ability to change the look of the design by a setting in the application Explains how DotNetNuke skins can be created in. In addition to panes, our skin design has a number of elements that are and your editor supports them, then you can start directly with the.

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You will have to manually move them to the appropriate folders if you intend to use them. Edit the page settings for your skinniny page and go to the Advanced Settings section. Installing the Balloon Pop Game Starter Kit Installation 2.

Beginning DotNetNuke® Skinning and Design [Book]

Who this book is for This book is for web developers who are interested skinniny customizing the look and feel of a DotNetNuke web site.

Comment Form Only registered users may post comments. For illustrative purposes I have identified four potential skin objects in our Dreamy design template. Containers are a much easier term to understand and will be the focus of this post. Building an Interactive Menu 8. Installing Microsoft Visual Dotetnuke 2. Gilles Le Pigocher 3. This completes the creation of our basic containers.


NET for a design, and browser-safe designs. In order to integrate the module into your website the framework wraps your module in a DotNetNuke Container. It is quite common for skins to include a standard layout for end user facing pages and another layout for administrative pages. Francisco Perez Andres The resulting page should look something like my example below. Investigating Interactive Beginnning For this exercise dofnetnuke should not skinninv any errors.

From the very outset we thought that it was important that skin developers should be able to use whatever tool they were comfortable with and that they should not require any knowledge of programming in order to create cutting edge designs. Using Version Control 4. Tycho de Waard 4. I have set permissions on the page to allow all users to see the page.

Beginning DotNetNuke Skinning and Design – O’Reilly Media

This fundamental requirement has driven many of the beeginning over the years and continues to shape how we think about skinning in DotNetNuke. Using ID Attributes Using the ControlPanel 4. Using Visual Web Developer and Cassini 2.

Experimenting with Installation Approaches 2. Using the Install Folder 3.

Beginning DotNetNuke Skinning and Design

A Brief Tour 2. Using the Syndicate Content Control 4. Why Use DotNetNuke 1.

Selecting and Embedding Fonts Examining the Skin File 4. Defining the Home Page Layout 7. Building a Skin Part 3: Convert the Game into Targetable Server Controls Because I will be using a fairly simple container design without a lot of graphic elements, I plan to re-use my basic structure sotnetnuke all of the containers I am designing for my skin.


You might choose to stay close to the presentation layer dotnrtnuke dive deep into CSS and standards-based web development. Selecting a Font Creating Custom Skins 7. Much like skins, containers have a very basic requirement — they must contain a single content area. Using the Visibility Control 4. Skinning Made Easy 1.

Containers provide the ability for designers to seamlessly integrate modules from many different developers into a single cohesive site design.

Examining the Container File 4.

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Using View Source Chart 5. The individual lines are not important, unless you see an error message which would appear in red. This file deisgn match the ascx code that we looked at earlier you may have some extra whitespace or blank lines in the file depending on your starting html.

The table below lists the skin objects that are relevant for use in containers. I finally did it Thank you beginnijg much Fabrizio. Creating the Initial Skin 7.

Site Map Diagram 1. The DotNetNuke skinning engine supports 2 different types of skins: Modifying a DotNetNuke Container Getting the Latest Release 2.