Bill DeSimone is the author of Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on Your Joints. Bill De Simone. August 20, I. Introduction. A. ‘s bodybuilding lore part of today’s fitness industry. 1. s bodybuilding images. 2. Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone. 1. Congruent Exercise: A Trainer’s Guide To Biomechanics Bill DeSimone ; 2.

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Really fascinating stuff on leverage, human biomechanics and not fucking up your joints completely Could have done with this, pre subscapularis injury: His idea was picked up by another Dr. Do you think you could have avoided your injuries if you had been aware of these principles earlier? Yes, and Congruent Exercise shows you how. I tried corralling her into a BBS workout this summer. Looks nothing like any arm I know.

Save my name, email, and desimpne in this browser for the next time I comment. The videos are an attempt at making deslmone material more accessible, and hopefully that process will lead to a more mainstream presentation.

Hi Bill, let introduce myself, my name is Leon and a few time ago I started with a intense push up program, a friend of mine tell me something about a push up type congrjent “spartan push up”, I want to know what kind of benefits I obtain with this push up type and exerdise are the risk if I practice this in a wrong way?

My take on a consolidated routine e.

Congruent Exercise: How To Make Weight Training Easier On Your Joints by Bill DeSimone

Ships from and sold by Amazon. What is it specifically that makes it a pain? Rather than using every exercise and technique in the books and magazines, only to have to cut them back over time, I would have been better off bll what I do now all along. I’m guessing you’d recommend putting it in after the row and before the side raise. Going to the gym is supposed to improve your sports performance, health, fitness, etc deismone not put those things at risk.


Wednesday, November 18, Congruent Exercise: I think you’ll notice a difference. But the most obvious factor that is responsible for Mentzer and Yates type muscularity is the use of growth enhancing chemicalsand yet Bill never mentions that fact.

What Bill has changed his mind about in the last year about health and fitness. Where you fit in that continuum really depends on your conruent and preference. Had bilk son look at the wall sit pics in the book last night. I’ve always had a problem with the specific words used to describe basic concepts.

Stream by clicking here. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Applying this material leads to.

Are all those moves necessary or could we consolidate? The picture on the right,is the best exerccise I was ever able to get in before or since.

In cpngruent, I started Congruent Exercise with 5 examples of catastrophic injuries coming from conventional bodybuilding and strength training. Stopping the set because your muscles burn too much is not the same as a one-rep max; ideally your set is somewhere in between, maybe slightly more towards effort.

Fantastic work as always. All or nothing thinking: People new to exercise hesitate to even begin weight training for fear of getting hurt. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Mirkin put out one of the first pop sportsmedicine books. Others like me picked up on it. When some of the top exercise experts in the world want to brush up on biomechanics and exercise selection, Bill is often their first port of call. Guilty about the geeky text! Print and kindle is available at this link: Get to Know Us.


Congruent Exercise: How To Make Weight Training Easier On Your Joints

Books by Bill DeSimone. You may know him from his manuals, Moment Arm Exercise, and Congruent Exerciseand from his talks and videos. Oh, and just because the way you exercise doesn’t hurt NOW, doesn’t mean you won’t wake up 10 or 20 years from now with joint problems. Maybe you wore out a joint at work, doing manual labor or some kind of repetitive congrient. Doing a photo shoot, puts on a bar to squat, breaks the lock at the knees, tears both quadriceps, risking his ability to walk. Start reading Congruent Exercise on your Kindle in under a minute.

The most obvious one being the fact that he sustained muscle tears in his arms. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Bill DeSimone: How To Optimise Muscle Stimulation And Create The Perfect Home Workout Routine

Theoreticallyisometric or very limited range motions around the joint angle for peak muscle torque should be the most efficient way to load a muscle.

Oh, and that “moment arm” comment of mine – the chest desimnoe where you cover it 1 of 2 I think explains it very clearly. I was introduced to this in 6th grade.

Harshad rated it really liked it Dec 31, There are already a couple of good interviews with Bill on the internet — desimonr Doug and Anthony — but as I was reading the manual I kept on coming up with other questions and Bill has agreed to answer them…. During the discussion, I ask Bill about some concerns I had when using push up handles and chin up bars.