Nog maar een maand en dan is het al weer tijd voor Lowlands! komt het blokkenschema online en kan je de LL18 app downloaden!. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘blokkenschema’ tag. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable . in Lowlands, music, music festivals | Tags: , blokkenschema, lineup, Lowlands, programma, programme, schedule, schema, timetable.

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And social interaction with your festival mates is way overrated anyway, right? Argghh… I decide… procrastination!

Lowlands timetable tension | brokenbranches

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig! Good start of the day!

Foals showed they can whip up a storm in any setting with their sublime brand of funky eighties electronic indie. Worst gig ending Basement Jaxx. Lowlands chewed me up and spat me out four days later with a voice like a sorority girl after spring break and in a general state of physical decay, but what a glorious experience it was!

Where did I leave my voice? Time for some peace and quiet, some poetry, some contemplation: Rock Werchter Info. So here is a review of Lowlands in blurbs:. DeVotchKa gave the musical kick start to my day, and what a great way to get in the festival swing of things again. Not everyone in the extensive OFWGKTA crew managed to wow the crowd and the gig was a bit messy at times, but nobody in the front seemed to care.

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Ook de app is vanaf 26 juli te downloaden. Sunday, the last day of the festival, absolutely crammed with must sees. Argghh… I decide… procrastination!

Then the last festival day comes around, it must be getting easier by now right? I decided to start my day off with a touch of hippy and headed straight for Yeasayer. But now comes one of the crappiest choices of the timetable so far: In the new festival lay out I walked the longest stretch of terrain all the way from India to Charlie stage to catch the indie pop creations of Wolf Gang. The Northern Irish boys are still a bit shaky in parts but are playing with loads of gusto and the crowd is clearly loving it.


Good god, what were these people thinking??

So I get a gentle female voice to wake me up after all, good news. Everyone seemed to be stupefied it was already over. This is going to sound horribly cheesy, but it was as if everybody there was temporarily transported to planet Florence, where there is love, drama, fairytales, hate, moon and stars and twilight.

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Dear sweet lovely Ane BrunI would like to let you know I would love to see you perform and you have been officially circled on my timetable, however… I have a feeling our paths might not cross that particular morning. If I was a smoker I would have lit up after that one.

First bolkkenschema of the day for me was Hlokkenschema The Giantwith a performance like the one they gave a few months ago at the Walk The Line festival in The Hague: Even though their music can be a bit complicated for such a big stage there were plenty of anchors to hang on to: Still on a high, lowlxnds stuck around Charlie stage to see The Maccabees.

No, seen them before and not enough of a fan to brave the masses. I went to see them a while ago in Tivoli much smaller venuebut they still managed to create the same atmosphere in the big Bravo tent.

They perform a crackling set that thrives on their specialty of suppressed tension building up and the cool vocals of Orlando Weeks. The evening started off with the delightful Selah Suea young Belgian girl with candyfloss blond hair who manages to belt out some impressive heartfelt Jamaican jams on her acoustic guitar. Why they were programmed in the Alpha tent is beyond me with such a mellow sound and a new project too, the tent was only half filled as was to be expected.

Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Then one of my must-sees for this year: How strange to have such a massive turnout for a band nobody even knows yet. I was attempting to save some energy for the next stop, must be getting old…. I wanted to see Japanese act Trippple Nippples from an arthouse freakshow perspective, wondering if it really was as bizarre as I thought.


blokkenschema | brokenbranches

Having seen her two times before I would say it took her and the 201 a bit more time to get into the swing of things, but later she explained that it was only the first oowlands of this tour. Apparently Blood Red Shoes called the organisers beforehand to check if blokkfnschema realised their music was rather loud and if that would be ok, what a charming notion. None of that happened, it was a surprisingly polite affair with Tyler The Creator even thanking the Dutch audience for blokkendchema so great and hugging every single security guy at the end of the show.

But seen as Lowlands took place last weekend I have just barely been able to scrape the mud and dust off my aching lbokkenschemait is high time to inject brokenbranches with some reviews! No, not in the mood for Balkan beats. Their set was really diverse with more hits than I realised and the band sounded great, with both singers pitch perfect.

The band was in good form, energetic and smiling at each other, giving it all despite the intense heat. Even though the festival was just getting started she gave a really lively performace and got the curious onlookers dancing. Finishing off the festival in the Grolsch tent will be Sigur Ros. LL10llaunchLowlandsPaardrecensiereview Leave a comment.

Sometimes they would churn out a few songs back to back, one flowing into the other, really keeping the energy high. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson.

After the steaming Hot Chip crowd flowed out of the sauna of the Bravo tent I wandered over to the India stage for a lowladns of Two Door Cinema Club and was amazed to see a huge crowd stretching far beyond the tent joyfully dancing and singing along to every song.