This section looks at Aikido Ken Suburi or Aikido’s basic bokken techniques. Bokken are wooden swords primarily used for martial arts weapons training. Suburi Bokken – Heavy Bokuto For Swinging Practice. When doing suburi with bokken, you’re supposed to “freeze” your strike when it is aligned horizontaly with the mat (at least in Iwama ryu, I’ve.

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Find More Posts by Williamross The grip should be just strong enough to resist someone pulling the sword straight out.

Any exercise that strengthens your forearms will help. There is a mental attitude that goes along with the physical manifestation of boklen the swing of a the bokken to an appropriate end, but there is also a simple physical exercise that allows it to happen.

It is all technique. Hello and thank you for visiting AikiWebthe world’s most active online Aikido community! Find More Posts by kung fu hamster.

eight count suburi – las vegas aikikai

It feels pretty loose! Find More Posts by henry brown. Find More Posts by Thalib. You have bokkken own personality problems to deal with, I suggest you, at least, try to deal with them.

Just as you remove an axe from a stump, you would use your body to raise and remove, or use your body with a bokkrn to carry the energy. It makes your entire shoulder-arm etc prone to shiver when you stop.


Find More Posts by Bruce Baker. The one piece of advice that people have given with which I strongly disagree is just letting the sword fall. It’s just like hitting pause on a movie. When doing suburi with bokken, you’re boklen to “freeze” your strike when it is aligned horizontaly with the mat at least in Iwama ryu, I’ve seen other styles that does the suburi differently. Please visit our sponsor: You need to forget this problem for while and It’s exactly as same as shomenuchi.

Find More Posts by akiy. Somerset Michigan Join Date: Sorry I can’t come up with any mechanical advise. All times subburi GMT He would say,” Ooooh, if I dood it I get a whippin’ Try the rocking chair exercize. Even those sword schools that do cut close as opposed to the extended cutting style of kendo, the various Itto Ryu, the Hayashizaki iaido and battojutsu schools, among others do not just let the sword drop.

Further advices regarding Bokken, anyone? Visit Kent Enfield’s homepage.

Suburi – Wikipedia

You have to actually swing down out is a better way of thinking of it for a lot of people applying force. Where ever the tip of the bokken ends up, that is wuburi you are casting to.

Stockholm, Sweden Join Date: For questions and comments about this website: Find More Posts by Hanna B. Find More Posts vokken asiawide. The time now is Continual practice made me finally get comfortable with the bokken. Sbuuri dojo, Sofia, Bulgaria Location: Well, when you cast a fishing rod to send out the line so the hook will go into the water, do you cast it to the ground to go out into the water?


Anyhow, when I stop my bokken, it always “shakes” a little bit.

You need more time Patrik Eng Ta Kung wrote: Check how your balance is set and whether your shoulders are relaxed at the of the cut.

If you step forward while swinging a bokken, back foot should move on and stop with your bokken.

Aikido – 7 bokken suburi Dunken Francis

Chicago suburbs Join Date: LOL of the handle as the important part. Either this, or maybe with those Popeye arms you need to get cuts to get the feeling of no strength, all technique?

Hudson, WI Join Date: Let the sword coast for a small bit. Find More Posts by Larry Feldman. Barnegaat, NJ Join Date: