The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber [Erik Hornung] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the Amduat, the night- journey. Book of the Am-Tuat, Budge tr. at The Book of the Amduat was called by the Egyptians ‘The Book of the Secret Chamber’ and was a knowledge oriented book. Additionally, it is the first completely.

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Thus for the first time in history, the world beyond death is described here in word and image. The nocturnal journey of the Sun fo divided in 12 gates “sebekhet”depicted at the end of each hour. The idea of resurrection is emphasized by the semi-upright positions of the deities seen in the upper and lower registers.

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Their shapes are that which is in their hours, their mysterious shapes. Amid the deepest shadow they pour overwhelming light on what is most manifest.

Justice and order are at work even here in the underworld. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Shedid digitally enhanced – Hornung After the preliminaries of the 4th Hour, extensive preparations are now called for.

These copies are often more reliable than those of the Ramesside Era. See all 11 reviews. Here, the metaphysical root of the fertile waters of the previous hour is addressed, for the Nile is born in the Duat, hence “Water of the Unique Master”, i.

The Ba-soul of Re assumes the death posture, and “becomes” Osiris as the corpse of Re. Total tranquility in total darkness. The sky belongs to your Ba-soul, the Earth to your corpse.

The Return the North: Osiris can not give this, amdat he creates the conditions the admuat image amdhat the Duat to get there cf.


Once this has been done the sun god opens the doors of the tomb in hour 8 and then leaves the sandy island of Sokar by rowing vigorously back into the waters in hour 9. The Egyptian Book of Gates. Constructive blue to some, it is destructive red to others.

Maat can also be amdaut at the beginning of the upper register, indicative of the fact the Duat contains ordering forces regulating the renewal of the effective power Ba of Re. The secret way of the land of Sokar and the Westerners who tow this god, upon which gods, the blessed and the dead do not pass. Indeed, French existentialists, such as Sartre, saw the existence of the Christian God refuted by the crashing presence, since the start of human civilization, of evil in the world.

Entering “darkness” implies brea king away from so-called “nominal”, “normal” life, with socially-prescribed conditionings of the world outside.

It is beneficial to him on Earth ; a true remedy. In this first occurrence, Atum emerges out of Nun. Here, his centralizing role, made poignant by eliminating the icon of Re on the Solar bark, is emphasized ; the Ram-headed one: It is, in other words, identical in all men and thus constitutes a common psychic substrate of a suprapersonal nature zmduat is present in every one of us.

Textually however, the amruat found in the tomb of Amenhotep II is to be preferred.

Name of the Oc Burning Water implies to gain access to the inner planes of consciousness and imagination. The Hidden Chamber ca. Re seems totally absent. At the prow we see Isis and Seth, the most powerful magical duo of the Egyptian pantheon. The divine gate He cannot pass them, but it is only his voice which they hear.


Book of the Am-Tuat Index

Images of Compassion The Iliad of Homer: The Books of the Underworld are a “strip-like” literary genre, telling the story of the regeneration of the subtle bodies and the illumination of consciousness, represented by the “Ba of Re” in his barque. Please try again later. In the sixth hour the most significant event in the underworld occurs.

Illuminate thick darkness, that the flesh may live and be renewed by it! The secret, mysterious, hidden doors etc. Of these, the Amduat is exemplar. In the case of Judaism, a “Solar” return to the “origins” can be observed cf. The Double Maat guides Re on the way of darkness. Ancient Egyptian theodicy does not face these problems. These studies of the Midnight Mystery and its Ars Obscura are divided into two sections and a discussion of the 12 Hours, to be finished over time. The popular “dark” Osiris was at odds with the royal “luminous” Re.

The name of this cavern is: The name of the gods who are in this cavern is: Thereafter, the Messiah of Israel shall extend his hand over the bread, and all the congregation of the Community shall utter a blessing, each man in the order of his dignity. The Power of Myth There is no division into the regions of the night. The differentiation has reached a threshold value beyond which no return to the previous order is possible.

Qabalah Tree of Life.