Cours individuels de natation enfants ou adultes. Cycle de dix Entre 8 et 10 ans, si l’enfant présente son brevet de 50 m, il pourra accéder seul aux bassins. Brevet Natation 50m Pdf Download >>> draconomicon portugues pdf download el cocodrilo felisberto hernandez pdf download. Brevets Natation LONG COURSE (50m). SHORT COURSE (25m). YOUTH ( 16y). · · · Historique 50m · Historique 25m.

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If you already are a customer, you will find the level of re-registration of your children in your customer account.

In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you! Nevertheless, we have added several complementary goals at each level, baby and adult in order for the learning to be natztion complete as possible!

Do not forget that during your participation to the lessons, you will receive very precise quarterly evaluations on your customer account! Questions et contact Une question?

Home Objectives for Children swimming levels If you want to review this help, please click on this button! Be brevt to evaluate your children correctly using the chart below before registering them in a mini-collective lesson!


Brevet natation 50m pdf file download

Immerse the head in a fun way. Progressively jump alone from the edge. Discover leg movements in crawl and breaststroke. Introduction to ventral and dorsal buoyancy thanks to suitable equipment.

La piscine – Mairie d’Allonnes

See the Swimming lessons. Star Perform a ventral arrow with and without supports. Edge of the pool, foam tools, board, How to dive step by step from the edge. Recover submerged items by jumping, standing Blow under waterhands clinging onto the edge. Improve leg movements for crawl and for breaststroke in the ventral and dorsal position.

Realize the transition into the larger nqtation pool.

Overcome the apprehension of the depth. Realize 15m with a board only by leg movements of crawl or of breaststroke. Swim 25m back crawled with equipment support. Initiation to the breaststroke over 15m brveet adapted material.

Blowing under water with simultaneous leg movements.

brevet natation 50m pdf files

To succeed in dexterity exercisesstatic buoyancy, dolphin jumping Diving from the edge of the shallow part of the swimming pool. Initiation to maintain vertical stance head out of the water. Diving from the edge of the deep part of the swimming pool. Jump from the starting blockbody extended. Learning to crawl on 15m. Swim 50 consecutive meters with one of these 3 styles backstroke, breaststroke or crawl.


Improve endurance based on technique. Initiatiation to diving from the starting block. Develop endurance on minimum m. Dive from the starting block.

Maintain vertical stance with hands out of water for 1min. Swim 25m dresseddiving start. Backstroke, breaststroke and crawl Learning of the 4th swim, the butterfly. Learning of aquatic turns and apnea.

Recovering the dummy, towing, rescue jump Warning, uncommitted items are present in your shopping cart, are you sure you want to leave Yes, I want to leave No, see my cart.