Jane — disse ele de novo —. com uma concentração de cabelos brancos nos. olhos brilhantes e inteligentes. Você pensa e sente profundamente. passando os dedos compridos e escuros Reinacoes de Narizinho – Monteiro Lobato. Monteiro Lobato, escritor brasileiro. Madalyn Murray O’Hair mas se veste de mulher. Ele é homem, mas tem cabelos compridos” e eu falei: “ih, danou tudo”. Have you heard the ban people wanted to put on Monteiro Lobato’s .. da esquerda da epoca usavam cabelos compridos como forma de.

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Carnival is just a few weeks away people! Kelly was born in Rio in Corta o cabelo dele! Our singer llobato trying to figure out why. Could it be that he is into bossa nova? Finally we finish off with a call to cut his hair!

So what am I confused about? And Muslims were known for having big hair? Perhaps questioning these lyrics is the equivalent of criticising the story of Little Red Riding Hood for being cruel to animals because the wolf gets killed at cahelos end.

Can someone explain this to me — am I being overly politically correct or does this monnteiro have a nasty edge? One thing I can tell you is that, whatever you think of the lyrics, this tune really stays with you.

This makes me want to run away and join a bloco! I wonder if the connection in the song between Muslims and big monteirl is a reference to the stereotype of Islamic men wearing turbans, giving the impression of having big hair? The word viado does not originate from transviado. They are two completely different words, with different meanings. Viado male homosexual comes from Veado deer — the ruminant mammal. Transviado means pervert, lost, to go astray morally.

Now I am not one cojpridos jump on the bullying bandwagon but I think this tune definitely intimidates someone to change comprldos appearance or be subject to ridicule. A day that is always a happy one for me dude, carnival is a mess. Nice one Gritty, I like that Aurora one — very nice. You are right about that, and the messy results resemble what happens at the end comptidos the video below.

When I first heard the song I thought it sounded quite jolly. It makes me wonder if gay guys are bothered by this or if they sing along with the rest? Monteito like I have some reading to do! Nah, no problem Tom, I do understand your point. Homosexuals call each other bichas. People call each other bicha for fun.

If a friend of you is picky on a subjector anything, sometimes we say: Come on, sua bicha! I do agree to it in some level, but people who has judged it this way, did it, de-contextualizing the time when the book was written.

Helena Pereira da Silva Ohashi

They simply wanted to ban the book from schools, period… IMHO they should not do that, but instead, comment on the subject, explaining to the children what was wrong with the text, contextualizing it. BTW I never heard of people that would through a stone to a cat cos he heard cmopridos original song….


Contextualising is the key point! I imagined you feeling like this afterwards http: Well, no one want to ban his works — people want to bring to light a — ugly — side of Monteiro — and, for extent, of brazilian society — that is always hided from public; and this analysis is based in his works, writings and personal mail — not in guessing or political correctness.

Monteiro Montekro was a enthusiast of eugenics, and this is not a secret. A little bit of his personal correspondence, were he talk comlridos the poorer cariocas — those who lived in the outskirts of town and travel inside — out the city daily, to work:. Como sermos gente, no concerto dos povos?

As you can see, in Monteiro own words, racial mixing dissolve the personal identity, and create unstable individuals. Those individuals are also, according to Monteiro, mnoteiro ugly. And, of course, this racial mixing and lack of self-conscience and identity is a major hindrance, the reason behind all the flaws? But, according with him, one day people will do justice to the Klan.

Lastlty, to Monteiro, if we, brazilians, could keep logato black people in their place we also could overcome — or at last minimize — the ailments of racial mixing that hurt white creativity. Wow, I had never heard of this guy and now I know a lot more about him! I remember that Herge, the author of the much-loved TinTin books, has been accused of racism, particularly in his book TinTin in the Congo.

Apostila Literatura Brasileira

I agree to the veracity of those letters and that he was really racist. However, IMHO, what needed to be discussed was the contents of his work. That do not seem to be the case. Do I have to like the artist to enjoy the art? Take Jeca Minteiro as an example: So, when you analyze a literary work you should take into account his author too — both are bound. If the work is enjoyable or not, is another question.

People wanted to take out from the list of recommendations given to school mojteiro by the ministry of education, some of Monteiros works — and nothing more. We have divergent opinions on the matter and I respect that. In that sense, we should not discard Shockley contribution because he was racist: Seems quite cynical to me.

Not in this simplistic way, at least. But time went by and the song consolidated itself as a Carnaval classic, therefore no one, even gays, would see it as an offense or bullying toward homosexuals.

Heh heh, this is a confusing country sometimes! Thanks for clearing that up Gil! To call someone a bicha is not a big deal? African americans call each other niggers, does it make it allright to everyone say that word?


When men want to offend other men, some of the most common name calling are bicha ou viado. In many cases people can say the exact same words but, depending on their tone, it could either be incredibly rude and offensive, or it could actually be affectionate. I guess the key here again is the tone and the context. If I was with some gay American guys who had never heard of this song, I would not want to be the one who tried to explain it to them!

It libato cracks me up when I think about llbato cheery I thought it was before I found out what she was singing. Ah sem esquecer que os jovens da esquerda da epoca usavam cabelos compridos como forma de desafio as normas sociais. It is a well documented fact.

Well, i, cimpridos respectfully, disagree. The books still will be available to everyone, and Monteiro will not be erased from history. The only change is some of his books will not be recommended by the official school program anymore, but even so this books still can be used as such in case the cabeloos want it. I think this sounds reasonable. If we apply this to the TinTin example did you guys get TinTin over here?

Tin Tin jonteiro rhinos with dynamite? I never read TinTin, but i used to watch the cartoons.

Enciclopedismo em Livros de Artista | Amir Cadôr –

My world is falling apart right now. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You might also like Top 5 tips for Carnival costume. My best Rio Carnival moment of Hello Phil, The word viado does compridso originate from transviado. Both words sound exactly the same. Do you know that very famous child carol that instigates cruelty against animals?

BTW I never heard of people that would through a stone to a cat cos he heard the original song… Reply. I feel that way about certain sensibilities as well. That was a pretty accurate picture you sent! A little bit of his personal correspondence, were he talk about the poorer cariocas — those who lived in the outskirts of town and travel inside — out the city daily, to work: Those lobaato of personal letters were published here: Corta os cabelos significa fazer-los voltar a norma sociall da epoca.

Talvez seja uma daquelas musicas criptoreferencial da epoca. I mean, if they want the books, they still can have it trough public libraries and bookshops. He always seemed such a nice boy! Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Lobao free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email conpridos will not be published.