Learn the secrets for gaining muscle and losing fat with full body training from expert trainer Chad Waterbury. This is a hypertrophy workout i’m gonna try by Chad Waterbury (leading strength coach) it can be found here: Anyone tried TBT before?. Training tips de Chad Waterbury: Two days of cardio is fine. Therefore, the parameters of TBT constantly change, compared to older.

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The idea of this program is to start with a volume that’s relatively low, with non-linear volume increases over time. This, by the way, is just another way of telling you to vary the load throughout the cuad.

He is examining the greater stimulus “loaded” to the initial reps tension stimulus and actively trying to reduce the “fatigue” stimulus to allow more “high tension” reps on successive sets, thus a greater amount of accumulative tension exposures. Partial squats with a very large load Squat down to a height that’s above parallel.

Therefore, one simple trick to help your body recover is to use a different number of reps per set in each workout. Therefore, this article is based on the successes of the past along with my own successes as a trainer.


I know everyone is different so in general would you still say low carb is good or because of the high intensity, you want higher carbs to prevent catabolism of muscle? How would I properly transition? Franco Says the guy who only trains with controlled reps to failure.

Standing or seated military presses with a barbell or dumbbells utilizing pronated, semi-supinated or supinated hand positions. When Chad first started posting his suggestions that you “terminate” the set when rep speed drops, I posted to that thread that he was wrong. So I was just wondering which one is true?

Thats the key according to him.

Full Body Training Part 1: Program Design

It also treats erectile dysfunction. Colby, I am in the finance and investment business.

I still prefer to use different rep ranges throughout the week. I just wondered what you guys thought. Split routines definitely have a place in the bodybuilding world. Can you hold the plank for 2 minutes and the side plank for 90 seconds?

I had my first day yesterday. In the past I have seen you recommend fish oils, bcaa, beta alanine, vegan protein, and acetyl-l carnitine.

Just wondering chas you think about that. This was during a cut, so my strength and muscle gains were not great. I love it great article man! Longer rest periods are mandated for higher rep days due to the cardiovascular component.


Full Body Training | Dr. Chad Waterbury | Transforming Through Performance

This is the key to your consistent hypertrophy success. Wayne Just about everyone’s pet routine is “backed up by science” of one sort or another. I see no shitstrom??? Do push-ups, pull-ups, inverted rows from straps, handstand push-ups, jump squats, single leg squats, etc.

Hi chad i have started the below workout routine, it is frist week Step 3: No, create an account now. Yes, although this classic hypertrophy plan worked well, it wasn’t perfect.

Full Body Training Part 3: Fat Loss

I can’t say with certainty. Therefore, longer rest periods are xhad. I also never do more than three sets not including warm-ups. I have been in Atlanta all week on business so I was unable to workout any.