Notre culture qualité est totalement orientée vers la satisfaction de nos clients. CHAKIRA CABLE constitue la division ï¿ ½nergie et T�l�com de la. Présentation. Créée en à Tunis, Chakira Câble s’est imposée comme un .

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There are three large cable producers in Saudi Arabia: Filem is a Tunisian producer of magnet wire. Share this company profile.

In the late s the US group Superior Telecom acquired Cables of Zion, one of the major Israeli cable producers, and then bought two other major Israeli cable makers, Cvalim the largest and Pica Plast. Three smaller cable companies operate in the UAE: Hesfibel is the leading Turkish producer of communication cables, but is separate from Hes Kablo, which belongs to another industrial group. There are currently no cable producers in Qatar, but tknisie time to time in the last five years there have been rumours that a cable manufacturer will establish a presence in the country.

Elsewhere in the region, Draka has a stake in Cahkira Cables Industry. The largest cable-maker in Morocco is Nexans Maroc, a long-established subsidiary of the Nexans group. Business tools and solutions designed for the global marketplace.

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The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. The Iranian Cable Industry The number of cable-makers in Iran is large over one hundredbut most of these are only active in energy cables. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data. The Turkish cable market has been through phases of strong growth but since demand has been relatively weak.


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Algeria Mainly State Owned In Algeria there is a stronger government presence in the cable industry, just as there is in other industrial activities, than in most of the other major countries of MENA. Prysmian has cabpe substantial presence in Turkey, while Corning Cable Systems has manufacturing operations in both Turkey and Egypt.

This is not surprising, as the region is not integrated economically, though there are developing areas tunksie economic cooperation such as the GCC and Maghreb countries. Talk to the team. The potential of the Turkish market has attracted several international cable groups: Tunis Equipment for satellite communications.


In addition to these larger groups, there are also several other smaller Egyptian cable producers, mainly active in LV energy cables. The number of cable-makers in Iran is large over one hundredbut most tynisie these are only active in energy cables.

Riyadh Cables, Saudi Cable Co. In Bahrain there is only one producer, Midal Cables: Description Key figures Executives Activities. The largest of these is the Dubai Cable Co. Except for Corning, US interests in the region are limited to Israel, where the Alpine Group is the largest shareholder in Superior Cables, a company formed from the merger of three established players.


Turkey has for many years been a major exporter of bare copper wire products to Western Europe, but in recent years exports of cable from Turkey have been growing in importance.

The merged business now operates as Superior Cables, a listed company in which the US Alpine Group retains a shareholding. Click on one of the icons to share the company. Tunis Installation and maintenance services for the electronics industry.


Recently the government has made efforts to accelerate the pace of privatisation of state-owned businesses, so this situation may change. But the cable industry in MENA remains fragmented, as no really large groups have yet emerged in this region tknisie a pan-national presence comparable with, for example, Nexans, Prysmian or Draka in the European market.

In the enamelled wire sector four Turkish producers merged to form Bemka inlater rationalising their operations. Growth in exports has helped to offset the weakness in home market demand. Help with expert advice.