Charles Francis Haanel (May 22, – November 27, ) was an American author, . The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi. c; A Book About You. The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi has 60 ratings and 3 reviews. MonicaEmme said: Per me, che faccio yoga da sette anni, è stato un libro comunque interessa.. . The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi by Charles F. Haanel – In this volume I have embodied many valuable secrets, which have been collected with great care from.

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Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is.

Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en haajel eventuele yoyi en servicekosten. Samenvatting The important facts contained in this volume will place a sceptre of power in your hands with which you can open a pathway to health, success, and the life abundant.

Haanel, the author, writes in the introduction… The important facts contained in this volume will place a sceptre of power in your hands with which you can open a pathway to health, success, and the life abundant. You will find that they contain a priceless message that will bring solace to your mental wounds in times of distress.

You will come to feel that you have realized a lifelong dream and will often regret that this information did not come to you much earlier. And, what is best of all, you will find nothing in these lessons that will in any way conflict with any religious principles that you may hold. On the other hand, your spiritual convictions will be strengthened because you charlss find that Truth is the same haaanel all lands and in all times regardless of the name it may take or the manner of its presentation.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi is your gateway to a wonderful new world that has been hidden from you for far too long. With the techniques taught in this book, such as proper breathing and breath control, using the Law of Attraction, and controlling thoughts, you will be able for the first time to understand and take charge of your life in a way that before this would have been unbelievable. Haanel and millions of others as you learn these amazing secrets and begin to experience life like you never have before.

This is one of the amazing secrets of the Yogi and is worth many times the price of the entire book. Levitating the Astral Body This part tells you of a simple method by which many attract to themselves evils and misfortunes, others happiness and fortune, and still others long life or the reverse. This method has in all probability never heretofore been revealed. It also tells of the many mighty wonder workers in India and the methods by which they levitate their astral bodies or transport themselves at will to any desired location for the purpose of securing hidden information.


This is another of the amazing secrets that has never heretofore been revealed. Kundalini, The Serpent Power This part chrles where the masculine, fiery, and positive etheric forces come from and how they are distributed to all parts of the body.

It also tells where the feminine, sympathetic, and negative forces come from and how they are distributed to every part of the body.

It tells what happens when the positive and the negative forces meet. It tells of the power to create, preserve, and destroy. It tells of that force — which in symbolic language is called the “Garden of Eden”, the “Tree of Life”, and the “Tree of Knowledge” — and how the force sometimes leads downward to unrestrained lust and death and how it may be forced upward to supernal heights of power and spirituality.

This is another of the amazing secrets of the Yogi! Breath, The Elixir of Life This part tells you how the Indian Yogis retain buoyant health, rugged strength, and charm of personality and postpone old age, decay, and death indefinitely. Neither Hindu Science nor modern methods have as yet discovered any methods that can permanently defeat consuming age, but science does teach that old age is due to a slackening of the functions of the vital organs.

The Yogi found that as man passes the prime of his life, certain influences begin to work that could be changed and modified. This part tells how they do this. It is yet another of the valuable secrets of the Yogi. Control of Life Part Five tells you how the ancient Yogis of India have acquired the wisdom by which they can manipulate the invisible forces of Nature and thus seem to work miracles; how they use the mind as an aerial to receive the unspoken thoughts of others; and how they retain their health, virility, and evergreen youth and prolong life indefinitely.

The Eight Steps to Mastery This part tells you of the steps that are necessary to take in order to become a Yogi.

It tells you how the Yogi attracts things to himself.

It tells you of the harmonious assimilation of all there is and the perpetuation of all that is good for the nobler ends in life. It tells you of meditation, concentration, of Greek culture, and the Hindu spirituality. Sublimation of Reproductive Energy This part gives you the rules for rhythmic breathing to increase the supply of vital energy. It also gives you an exercise for transmutation of the reproductive energy, which has never heretofore been revealed.

Utilization of Infinite Power This part tells you of the three phases of life or states of being. It tells you of a method of controlling this force.

It tells you of an attractive force that draws power from the Universal storehouse of power. It tells you of the pessimistic, undeveloped, crude, brutish force that looks for gratification of the senses and nothing more.


It tells you of a mighty power that lies dormant at the base of the spine and how by the awakening of it you may develop miraculous power.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi

It tells you how to purify your body and make it a center of radiant magnetism. The Breath of Life This part tells you of the mysterious Breath of Life and of the four methods of respiration and the merits of each. It tells you of power, poise, and the essence of the higher self. It tells you how to clarify your thought so that you will be enabled to concentrate indefinitely.

It further tells you how to change the breath-flow from one nostril to the other. Reviving the Dead This part tells of a wonderful secret that was wrestled from the Japanese by a Ju-Jitsu champion.

Charles F. Haanel – Wikipedia

The secret is a method of resuscitation or restoring life to charels who are apparently dead from drowning or sudden concussions due to any stage of collapse or unconsciousness. It is called the Leo McLaglan System of Resuscitation, after the first man to reduce the manipulation to definite and ordered detail.

This knowledge was undoubtedly and originally possessed by the Yogi and gradually filtered through to the Chinese and Japanese. It is therefore another of the amazing secrets of the Yogi. The Cjarles Light This part tells of an “inner light. You no longer experiment; you no longer speculate or guess; you are in touch with the storehouse of power and can replenish at will. Thus, you may turn the tide of failure into success. Thus you become a Master Mind. Perfect Harmony This part tells you of a still higher plane of existence.

On this plane all is perfect. Argument ceases when harmony is attained. On this plane, the harsh lines of the face disappear and the voice becomes soft and beautiful.

It is the ideal state. On this plane, the adventures of life and romance merge into one happy reunion.

On this plane, the ideal has become the reality — the seeker and the sought are one. Toon meer Toon minder. Michalski Uitgever Wilder Publications.

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