For more than 60 years, Compagnie Marocaine de Plâtre et d’Enduit (CMPE) is 1st largest national producer and 1st exporter of the Kingdom to markets. Contact Us. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us your thoughts, suggestions and questions, we will reply as soon as possible. Centre de formation professionnelle Cmpe-Knauf, Casablanca, Morocco. K likes. Angle rue Rocroy et Buzancy (belvédère)- Maroc + 5 22 40 22 72/ 5

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Argentina has specialized in areas of high-tech services and it is very competitive in software development, call centers, nuclear energy and tourism. Acquisition, for the first time in Morocco, of a mixing unit for the manufacture of monolayer plastering mortar. Doubling of production capacity through the acquisition of the second plaster manufacturing line.

Acquisition of a bagger. The Safari group becomes a shareholder of the “Compagnie Marocaine”.

Maroc Export – CMPE

CMPEAdvanced technology and high production capacity. Industry also relies on automobile subsidiaries for European brands and also on chemical, petro-chemical and metallurgical activities. CMPE directly employs people and provides over indirect jobs. Top 3 import CARS 7. The United Arab Emirates. The industry sector has mroc expanded over these last few years.

A position that has been the result of constant efforts over the years to extend the production units of Safi factory, mmaroc its equipment, develop new technologies and at the cutting edge marc new products, The monolayer plaster mortars. Cmle with Art-Com to share with the students its know-how and its expertise in the field of plaster. The Gazelle ceiling tile is made of plaster reinforced with glass fibers, it is used for false ceilings.


The services sector has followed the same trend as the industry sector. Opening in Casablanca of a showroom dedicated mainly to the prefabricated plaster products and accessories of its partner Knauf. Thus, five pilot centers have been set up and equipped by the CMPE.

Consumption Private consumption in million USD at current prices ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00Exchanges With Morocco Evolution of trade turnover: In recent years, CMPE has extended, expanded its production units and launched new products on the Moroccan market with an investment of more than million dirhams.

CMPE, A company with more than 60 years of history The importance of CMPE activities at the level of industry and construction in Morocco, its position as marpc national leader in this sector, its openness to foreign markets, its concern for employment and the qualification of men and women Who accompany them Materials and Production Capacity Investments made so far: Evolution of trade turnover: Acquisition of the fourth production line that brings production capacity to marod tons of plaster per day, making the largest CMPE plant in Africa.

It is used for the manufacture of decorative elements such as plaster boards, decorative columns and false ceilings The tow is a product used for the realization and suspension of decorations such as staffs and friezes.

Maroc Export / CMPE – Moroccan Center for Export Promotion

KNAUF, a world-renowned strategic partner. Exports et imports Argentina Ambassy Bmcetrade.

Food packaging in particular meat packing, flour grinding, and canning and flour-milling are the country’s main industries. Rate of average Evolution of trade turnover: CMPEA responsible and responsible company.


CMPEA company with more than 60 years of history. Acquisition of a new production line for ceiling tiles. Doing business in Argentina Bmcetrade. Trade Balance Trade balance USD million 13 ,00 15 ,00 18 ,00 14 ,00 11 ,40 6 ,50 4 ,50 3 ,30 18Soy and sugar cane are grown to produce bio-fuels, a specialty of the country which is the world’s largest bio-diesel exporter and the fourth largest producer.

On a global level, Argentina is the largest exporter of soy-derived products and the third largest producer. We offer crushed, sieved or rock gypsum intended for export, as well as gypsum intended for agricultural use. CMPE has built its reputation around its two flagship brands: Growth rate No information. The telephone and ICT sectors are also being developed. The Safari group acquires the entire capital of the company.

Our products CMPE has built its reputation around its two flagship brands: An agreement has been concluded with the school of architecture of Casablanca to share with students the know-how and expertise in the field of plaster. Even though, Argentina lost its position of a superpower which it occupied at the beginning of the 20th century, the country, nevertheless, remains an important world economy, mainly due to its agricultural production.