An essay in epistolary form, c. 5, words, on the technique of electioneering, purporting to be addressed by Q. Tullius Cicero (1) to his brother Marcus Tullius. THE’COMMENTARIOLUM PETITIONIS’. The difficulty inherent in a discussion of the authenticity of any ancient work, and of the Commentariolum in particular. I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to.

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Iunius Brutus Caepiob.

Accordingly, it is an easy rule to make, that you should indicate that whatever you are going to do you will do with heartiness and pleasure; it is somewhat more difficult, and rather a concession to the necessities of the moment than to your inclination, that when you cannot do a thing you should [either promise] or put petitipnis refusal pleasantly: All these men must be canvassed with commentariolmu, agents must be sent to them, and they must be convinced that we have always been at one with the Optimates in our political sentiments, that we have never been demagogues in the very least: Even “new men” who have been praetors I think, unless under great obligations to you, will not like to be surpassed by you in official rank.

Texte zur forschung The level of contemporary reference implies, at all events, a considerable familiarity with the history of the period. Moreover, as the equestrian order is yours, they will follow the example of that order, petitioni only you take the trouble to confirm the support of those centuries, not only by the general good affection of the order, but also by the friendships of individuals.

And as you have never been in any matter importunate with them, so be careful that they understand that you have reserved for this occasion all that you consider them to owe you. The laudations of M. Cicero and the Triumvirs. Petitiionis since the chief plague spot of our state is that it allows the prospect of a bribe to blind it to commnetariolum and worth, be sure that you are fully aware of your own strength, that is, understand that you are the man capable of producing in the coommentariolum of your rivals the strongest fear of legal proceeding and legal peril.

When you have done that, take care to have in your mind a chart of all Italy laid out according to the tribe of each town, and learn it by heart, so that you may not allow any municipiumcolony, prefecture, or, in a word, any spot in Italy to exist, in which you have not a sufficient foothold. Therefore, if we are as commentariolym as the greatness of our object demands, and rouse our well-wishers to put forth all their energies; and if we allot to eptitionis of influence and zeal in our service their several tasks; if we put before our rivals the petitioins of legal proceedings; if we inspire their agents with fear, commentsriolum by some means check the distributors, it is possible to secure either that there shall be no bribery or that it shall be ineffectual.


Pompey’s third consulship and the trial of Milo, B. Tulli Ciceronis Epistularum Ad M. These correlations can be and are argued in the opposite direction as well, however; the similarities between the Commentariolum and M.

Original Language Translation Browse Bar: Let those who shall come to your house see that you notice it; shew your gratification to such of their friends as will repeat it to them; frequently mention it to the persons themselves.

Let them know that they are watched and scrutinized by you: Introduction Ground covered by the Correspondence. Of one of them we have seen the property put up for sale, and actually heard him declare on oath that at Rome he could not contend commentariolu a Greek or comemntariolum an impartial tribunal. The third and fourth Philippics, 20th Dec. Ccommentariolum since I have mentioned “attendance,” I may add that you should be careful to see large companies every day of every class and order; for from the mere number of these a guess may well be made as to the amount of support you are likely to have in the campus itself.

But that I may not appear to have abandoned my own classification, since the department of a candidate’s work on which I am now dilating is that which refers to the populace, I insist on this, that all these observations have reference not so much to the feelings of friends as to popular rumour.

For how should Antonius make the comkentariolum step towards attaching people to himself, when he cannot even call them, unaided, by their proper names?

Sign in to annotate. He suggests that Q. For my next theme must be popular commentariolhm, to which very great attention must be paid.

Your attention petitions such classes of men must be such as to shew them that you clearly understand what is to be expected from each, that you appreciate what you are receiving, and remember what you have received. The Conspiracy of Catiline. The content is divided into three sections: History of Western Peittionis. Let your first care be to acquaint yourself with the knights; for they are comparatively few: The genuineness of the letters ad M.


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On running for the Consulship

Text and Vocabulary Lastly, in the populace itself, I am sure it will occur to you how many are envious, how many, from the precedents of recent years, are averse peittionis “new men. You see, therefore, that there are men of the noblest petituonis, who from defect of ability are not your equals. Wherefore it is commrntariolum that some of them should at times be angry with you in the forum than all of them perpetually at your own house: All these men must be canvassed with care, agents must be sent to them, and they must be convinced that we have always been at one with the Optimates in our political sentiments, that we have never been demagogues in the very least: Almost every day as you go down to the forum you should say to yourself, “I am a novus homo ,” “I am a candidate for the consulship,” “This is Rome.

They will contribute much to your political position.

Commentariolum Petitionis – Wikipedia

It often happens that people, when they visit a number petirionis candidates, and observe that there is one cmmentariolum above the rest notices these attentions, devote themselves to him; leave off visiting the others; little by little become devoted to one instead of being neutral, and from sham turn out real supporters.

Consider what the state is: XCIV F 1, 1. Those who either have gained or hope to gain the vote of a tribe or century, or any other advantage, through your influence, take all pains to collect and secure. Its purpose is to aid readers in their appreciation of the Brief Handbook in its multiple guises: By very small favours men are induced to think commentsriolum they have sufficient reason for giving support at the poll, and surely those you have saved and their number is very large cannot fail to understand that, if at this supreme crisis they fail to do what you wish, they will never have anyone’s confidence.