#0, #1 and #3 sizes are readily replaced with new shutters, so the option of replace instead of repair is available. The Compur shutters are nicely made and well. From the service section of Flutots Camera Repair, Unfortunately parts are no longer available for those great Synchro-Compur shutters. How to strip-down and service the Synchro-Compur shutter on a Kodak Retina Ia or IIa camera. I’ll assume you already have the shutter removed from the.

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If it’s not listed we still might work on it! You must log in or sign up to reply here. We’re not set up for nor do we have all the proper equipment necessary for cleaning the lens internally. Continue by progressing to the nest higher shutter speed and verify that the shutter blades operate progressively faster.

If we find that it can’t be repaired, we can either send it back to you and you need only pay for the postage or we’ll give it a proper funeral and a place in the Synchro-Compur Graveyard. That french site has been around for quite a while but you never know.

F L U T O T ‘ S Services

Aug 23, 6. We will not be responsible for loss or consequential damages resulting from the use of the repaired equipment, even if loss or damages is caused shytter the negligence or fault of Flutot’s Camera Repair.


Sometimes it’s possible to overhaul a shutter, dompur on the availability of parts. Compur shutters were the world standard for high quality large format lenses. Click on the words in the yellow boxes at the right to see more. Solutions for all shutter problems.

If one fears lighter fluid, one might especially fear contact cleaners. This shutter came in totally frozen. We’ll realign the iris blades so they open and close smoothly, reassemble the lens, and check its operation.

Fixing a Sychro-Compur shutter

Once it’s thoroughly clean and dry, we’ll lightly apply the proper lubricants to all lubrication points. Aug 23, 8. Starting at 1 second, cock the shutter. We do not work on electronic shutters! He quickly patched his new site.

I recently exchanged a few emails with Benoit to point out a few docs that existed in the “old” site and were missing or dead links in the new site, and helped him collect per-page jpg’s into single pdf. Let us know what you’ve got. Repeat a few times. Do you already have an account?

We repaiir not remove fungus or recoat lenses! You will be surprised at the amount of ‘crud’ that is displaced!. Place the mechanism in a suitable shallow container and flood with a solvent.

If you don’t have a DJVU viewer you can get it here. We do not clean multi-coated lenses. Also none co,pur very expensive. The earliest versions have three blades which open and close to deliver the exposure.


The first one was 4 years ago, and it’s been working fine and accurate on all speeds since the soak. A Note From Carol. However since they are of the usual rimset design they look similar to the later versions.

Fixing a Sychro-Compur shutter | Photography Forums

Check operation of the aperture blades. More props for Carol at Flutot’s. There are variants and versions that make this a difficult size. Most have no flash synch; shufter are obsolete, as a practical matter.

Like the earlier models they use the tension type mainspring. That lubricating section was new to me.

Sometimes we can’t do anything due to the complete break down of certain key components that are sadly irreplaceable. This co,pur does not cover any damages resulting from neglect, impact, exposure to water or other liquids, tampering, excessive wear, or abuse. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.

A situation we run into on occasion is the amount of extra time spent on shutters.

Jun 12, Remove the front cover of the shutter.