This guide explains how to configure samba server in Ubuntu with anonymous & secured samba servers. Samba is an Open. Installer ntfs-config: #configuration déjà adopté pour les autres PC du réseau qui sont sous Windows). Samba – Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) Ainsi, il sera possible de configurer correctement son serveur. Ceci permet d’administrer les UIDs/GIDs et autres paramètres UNIX (visibles sous l’onglet “Unix attributes” de l’ADUC).

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La liste des versions de Samba ainsi que leur support est disponible sur Release Planning and Lifetime. The scroll down to the bottom of the file. To create a public share without requiring username and password, the following conditions must be met.

Double-clic sur un PC: L’administrateur devra les ajouter manuellement. Then double-click the hostname of your Ubuntu computer. Of course I can change the permissions on the server, but that is not really a sqmba workaraound.

How to Install and Configure Samba Server on Ubuntu 16.04 for File Sharing

Once started, smbd will jbuntu listening on TCP port and It is recommended that you enable this feature if your Samba machine is not protected by a firewall or is a firewall itself. I’ve tried several, and yours is the first one that works flawless with easy and clear steps!

The default is ‘no’. It will install the Samba version 4. Reportez-vous la documentations utilisateur du wiki samba pour plus d’informations et tutoriels. First, we need to create configurattion standard Linux user account with the following command. I can share directory anonymous and create folder, but when I create another sub folder inside the folder, or copying folder that contains files and sub-folders it gives me error permission. Open a Windows terminal in administrator mode you can reach the administrator mode by doing a right-click on the Terminal icon in the program menu and run the following command to open the Windows hosts file:.


If a command does not return anything on Linux then it means that it worked, if it would not have worked then you would have gotten an error message, so the commands you posted are working file and they did exactly what they should make a copy of the configuration file and create a new empty file. In this section, we will see how to create a zamba Samba share that requires the client to enter username and password in order to gain access. Once connected, you can read, write and delete files in the Samba shared folder.

Allow – In – Both sambw To make the windows machine reachable in Windows by its hostname, proceed like this. Your Windows machine must be in the same Workstation domain as the Ubuntu server, i.

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Samba – Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC)

Definetly there are missing steps here. You can cross check the content at server also. Dans ce fichier, seule 1 partie est utile: The virtual conriguration image uses the following login details:. So, this messed up my computer. Why not just use that existing group?

Worked for me, thanks!! Au besoin, il faut installer le paquet ldb-tools. The tutorial says the latest samba version is 4. Thank you, essential and precise. What is the purpose of creating “smbgrp” if the samba installation already creates the group “sambashare”?

Open up a command prompt, then run the following command to close current Configuratiin session. A la sortie de Bionic For example, the hostname of my Ubuntu Once the above command completed successfully, go to the Network tab in File Explorer and now you should be able to access the Samba share.


Thanks, nice work, as simple as it gets!

Samba Server installation on Ubuntu LTS

Just update your system regularly with: Il faut installer le paquet samba. Com Read The Friendly Manual. I hope this tutorial helped you set up Samba server on Ubuntu I dous the Anonymous and Secured folders to the Win 10 desktop. The script must be stored in the [netlogon] share NOTE: If this machine will be configured as a BDC a secondary logon serveryou must set this to ‘no’; otherwise, the default behavior is recommended. Awesome xe, pitty you are a rare bread amongst linux users, meaning this is the best guide to SAMBA by a long way!!!

Your name or email address: I am not sure what I did. Le paquet krb5-user va, entre autre, configuratiln les commandes kinit et klist qui permettent d’interroger et tester un serveur kerberos. However in W10 while I can see the mounted disk in File Explorer I can’t progress beyond there and it gives me an Error about not confihuration permission to access and telling me to contact my network administrator a nice Catch 22 there as I am the said admin!!

Demande d’un ticket-granting ticket TGT pour un utilisateur avec kinit. Do you already have an account?

How do you make the network appear besides your computer on the windows explorer sidebar?? In the anonymous example if I create a new folder I automaticly get: To check the value on the Windows machine run the following command at cmd prompt:.

Upper right corner, below the big red download icon.