Buy The elements of coordinate geometry, by S. L. Loney, M.A. on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. this is a recommendation for you >> Coordinate Geometry. Ebook `The elements of coordinate geometry`: ebooks list of S. L. (Sidney Luxton ) Loney.

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This book is best for Coordinate Geometry.

Lines of Appreciations Why should I buy this book? This book is the one of the finest piece of work which has a right mix of basics and standard problems. The concept of finding the loci cannot be easily matched by any other book. geometty

The exercises which follow are not only comprehensive but they have both basic and standard questions. One of coordinatf best part of this foreign author’s book is that the answers given at the end of the book are very accurate which is a rare feature in most of the books.


Room for improvements Why should I keep away from this book?

The elements of coordinate geometry, by S. L. Loney, M.A.

The book has not been written with the competitive examinations point of view so the student needs to refer the syllabus while studying lpney book. DearPreparing for entrance exams?

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The elements of coordinate geometry

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