Completable empty = (completableSubscriber -> { The Completable API follows the concepts of the Reactive-Streams. Create, Lift and Transform. The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava. Creating a Single. Completable. Creating a Completable. Maybe. Creating a Maybe. RxCocoa traits. Driver. Why is it named Driver; Practical usage example.

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crwate If the upstream to the operator is asynchronous, signalling onNext followed by onComplete immediately may result in the sequence to be completed immediately. An error event from this Completable will be propagated to the downstream subscriber and will result in skipping the subscription of the Maybe. Returns a Completable instance that when encounters an error from this Completable, calls the specified mapper function that returns another Completable instance for it and resumes the execution with it.

I have written a simple factory for wrapping a Runnable object into an Observable: We will see example how to implement this.

RxJava: Single, Maybe and Completable – AndroidPub

The onError and onCompleted methods look quite alike. Maps the signal types of this Completable into a Notification of the same kind and emits it as a single success value to downstream. It features the usual onCompleted and onError but instead of extending Subscription and having an add method like rx.

For each student Completablewe “hand out” the challenge material and subscribe the teacher to the each students terminal event. We are going to need a Scheduler.

Home Archive About Submit your article. Returns a Completable that when this Completable emits an error, calls the given predicate with the latest exception to decide whether to resubscribe completabel this or not. In both cases we atomically swap in the terminated array and loop through the previous array while emitting the appropriate terminal event.

It accepts Action objects. Returns a Completable instance that calls the given onSubscribe callback with the disposable that child subscribers receive on subscription.


Advanced Reactive Java: The new Completable API (part 2 – final)

The example implementation shows how one can turn one terminal event into the other via an operator. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Allows preventing certain identity-based optimizations fusion. Comlletable updates Get updates.

If this Completable terminates with an onErrorthe exception is dropped and downstream receives just onCompleted. Completable behaves similarly to Observable except that it can only emit either a completion or error signal there is no onNext or onSuccess as with the other reactive types. I have written a simple factory for wrapping a Runnable object into an Observable:. Subscriber for performance reasons: Single emits only one value and applying some of the operator makes no sense. Use mergeDelayError Iterable to merge sources and terminate only when all source CompletableSource s have completed or failed with an error.

Observable can emit multiple items Single, Maybe and Completable are one or no emission of items. Represents a computation without any value but only indication for completion or exception. Never miss a story from AndroidPubwhen you sign up creafe Medium.

An error event from this Completable will be propagated to the downstream subscriber and will result in skipping the subscription of the Observable. Returns a Completable that never calls onError or onComplete.

Again, using a CompletableTransformer and extending the Completable is a better option as subscribeActual io. Until then, you can use the toObservable. Returns an Observable which when subscribed to subscribes to this Completable and relays the terminal events completble the subscriber.

The State class will hold onto the terminal indicator and the optional Throwable instance along with the array of known child CompletableSubscriber s: First, let’s see the skeleton of the CompletableSubject:. Subscription should be considered cancelled at that point and it works there because there is no way to check if a Subscription is cancelled or not.

Returns a Completable that runs this Completable and emits a TimeoutException in case this Completable doesn’t complete within the given time. Similarly, if completaboe inner Publisher signals onError or onComplete while the upstream is active, the sequence is terminated with the same signal immediately. Returns a Completable that retries this Completable in case of an error as long as the predicate returns true.


Clearer RxJava intentions with Single and Completable

The final helper interface allows preparing entire chains of operators to be included in an existing chain: It is the object which makes the whole magic of reactive programming possible. Get updates Get updates. But what if we don’t know the number of students and we don’t really want to stop the evaluation in case of an error.

Creates a TestObserver and subscribes it to this Completable. This is a mandatory step and if omitted, we can expect NullPointerException from the various Completable cokpletable at worst or non-functioning comoletable when converted to Observable at best. Create the consumer type that will be returned by the CompletableOperator.

Note also that it is not possible to stop the subscription phase in lift as the apply method requires a non-null CompletableObserver instance to be returned, which is then unconditionally subscribed to the upstream Completable.

The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava base classes:.

This method requires advanced knowledge about building operators, please consider other standard composition methods compldtable Returns a Completable which, when subscribed to, invokes the apply CompletableObserver method of the provided CompletableOperator for each individual downstream Completable and allows the insertion of a custom operator creaate accessing the downstream’s CompletableObserver during this subscription phase and providing a new CompletableObservercontaining the custom operator’s intended business logic, that will be used in the subscription process going further upstream.