CSOPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION BANK. SUB. Why is the Operating System viewed as a resource allocator & control program? 3. What is the. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 4th sem Subject CS OPERATING SYSTEM question bank pdf. you can download the OS. CS/ CS 45 / CS / CS / Operating Systems Part B Question Bank With Answers CSE,IT 4th Sem Semester regulation

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There would be multiple paths to the same file, which could confuse users or encourage mistakes. The most general scheme to implement identity-dependent access is to cs224 with each file and directory iperating access control unit.

The locality model states that, as a process executes, it moves from locality to locality. An address seen by the memory unit that is the one loaded into the memory address register of the memory is commonly referred to as physical address. Differentiate user threads from kernel threads.

An allocation method refers to how disk blocks are allocated for files: A set of processes is in deadlock state when every process in the set is waiting for an event that can be caused only by the other process in the set. CPU scheduling is the basis of multiprogrammed operating systems.


What is meant by RAID? Mode bit is attached to the hardware of the computer in order to indicate the current The algorithm for oeprating out whether or not a system is in a safe state. Virtual memory is a technique that allows the execution of processes that may not be completely in memory.

To be considered atomic, upon reading back a just written-to portion of the disk, the storage subsystem must return qquestion the write data or the data that was on that portion of the disk before the write operation.


The entire list has to be searched, unless it is sorted by size. What is Dual- Mode Operation? What is low-level formatting?

What is a Resource-Allocation Graph? Explain the various types of computer systems. Explain about the methods used to prevent deadlocks 7.

Write in detail about directory structure. Define Effective Access Time. What is sector sparing?

Operating system OS CS2254 previous year question papers

What are the different Accessing Methods of a File? Throughput in CPU scheduling is the number of processes that are completed per unit time. A system is in safe state only if there exists a safe sequence. What is a Dispatcher? This feature is usually used with system libraries, such as language subroutine libraries. What is a semaphore? The Operating system should be easy to design, implement, and maintain.


Locality is of two types. All processors are peers. The different types of accessing a file are: What are the requirements that a solution to the critical section problem must satisfy?

CSOperating Systems Question Bank Collection

Which disk scheduling algorithm would be best to optimize the performance of a RAM disk? Anna University – Engineering Chemistry 1 – Januar How is memory protected in a paged environment? Under normal mode of operation, a process may utilize a resource in the following sequence: What do you mean by first fit? Two processes that wish to communicate each open the FIFO: The chart quickly represents how the activities of the units are serialized.

Operatimg fit allocates the first hole that is big enough. The thread cancellation is the task of terminating a thread before it has completed.