General Information. Curcuma amada is a perennial plant growing around 80cm tall. The plant is occasionally cultivated in tropical areas, especially India, for its. A perennial herb with creeping tuberous rhizome, scented like mangoo when bruished. Leafy aerial portion dies on advent of winter during January to March. Rhizomatous herbs, rhizome light yellow inside, white towards the periphery with the smell of green mango; sessile tubers thick, x cm, cylindric or.

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Cuecuma of stock – Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. Despite not being suitable for your fruit smoothy this is an edible ginger. Sometimes pickled and often cooked.

It usually is not ground up as spice as Turmeric is. For the gardener though, this is one of the few edibles that actually looks good. It is curfuma of the branching rhizome types and thus a very good grower.


Curcuma amada Roxb. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

This is not a plant for tight spaces, but for the right area its a large landscaper that produces long stems with a large pink inflorescence. Its color is similar to the common hidden ginger of the south but this is a large plant with much taller stems.

It is also usually the first of all the summer bloomers to bloom, often overlapping with the end of the spring blooming species. It will continue to bloom all summer long making it one of the longest blooming seasons of any hardy ginger.

It can be grown from bright curcma to full sun and is pretty much fool proof. It makes a good cut flower and once established one can cut stems very low whole plant to get exceptionally long cut flowers. Although just solid green, it and most landscape type Curcuma have leaves that make great foliage cuts for flower arrangements.


Grows to 4 feet in bright shade to full sun. Hardy in Zone 8 and above a good candidate for trialing in Zone 7.

Photograph with arrangement shows leaves of Curcuma sp. Home About Shop Gallery Articles.

India Biodiversity Portal

Hardy in Zone 8 and above a good candidate for trialing in Zone 7 Photograph with arrangement shows leaves of Curcuma sp. Return Policy Terms and Conditions.

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