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Paper This open access event is brought to you by The Cupola: Scholarship at Gettysburg College. It has been accepted for inclusion by an authorized administrator of The Cupola. For more information, please contact. Scholarship at Gettysburg College:. Memory Culture and Identity in 9. The Stories of Civil War Amputees and their 1.

Six Intrepid Victorian Travellers Do children reward prosocial behavior differently based on gender? Special Topics in Literature 9. Co-official Languages of Spain. Journey through Emotions Lauren Kauffman Turtle: Revolution de la mode Marocaine Interdisciplinary Studies 1. One s physical appearance acts as a veil that can conceal the most intimate and interesting fiture of a person: My work invites viewers to see past this veil and take the phrase don t judge a book by its cover to a new extreme.

Mannequin heads serve as my initial canvas. I use paint, fabric, yarn and ordinary objects to give the mysterious depth of the human mind a visible representation. Frgamented my work I strive to look past the veil of physical appearance and reveal both the darkness and lightness of human thought and feeling.

I have worked with 2D media for most of my life, so gravitating towards painting was the most natural choice for my body of work. The oil paintings I have been working on all semester are skyscapes that represent my deepest emotions, from positive feelings like elation and affection, to darker feelings like anxiety and hopelessness. The ever changing nature of the sky and clouds seemed a perfect match to the ever changing nature of the way we feel as humans, while the plexiglass sheets I chose to paint on lend another layer of depth to my work by letting light from behind shine through my skies.

The solitary figure that features in my work serves as a gateway to experience these emotions first hand; through my darrcy as an artist, I hope to frabmented with the audience through these common human feelings. They were made to explain life and its mysteries in a time when there was no science to explain it for them.

In my paintings, I sought to revisit my childhood imagination by using the tropes and imagery of fables – animals, nature, and generic human dardy – to focus on the subjective way that the universal themes in these stories exist in each individual s thought and memory.

I alluded to them in whimsical, brightly-colored paintings on wood, small and contained glimpses of my personal interpretation of these tales. I also aimed to futufe the references quiet, veiled, not immediately apparent, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the events portrayed, much as every culture drew their own conclusions about the world feagmented their traditional stories.

The Artist s Voice and the Written Word: Texts in general rapidly spread throughout the artistic landscape during this period; as Conceptual artists challenged notions of visuality and viewership, we see a dramatic increase in artists engaging with experimental writing.

This generation of artists, which included Dan Graham and Robert Smithson, had a fascination with the written word s potential as an art medium, fragmentd using the art magazine as an alternative venue to the elitist art gallery or museum.

This thesis explores the fluid boundaries between art and text during this integral period, bringing to light the ways in which visual language and written language were seamlessly integrated through Conceptual Art in order to futre the meaning of what art and art writing should be. During this time, the Church regained its power through the use of Gothic architecture.


Celebration Schedule (Saturday) – PDF

Cathedrals evolved from heavy Romanesque structures to extravagantly detailed Gothic edifices providing Christians with a supernatural experience.

Gothic cathedrals were used futute a means to impart the feeling of connecting with God as light shines through stained glass filling the entirety of the record-breaking heights of the naves. There is a great deal of structural, as well as decorative similarities and differences exemplifying the High Gothic classical cathedrals of France and the Early English Gothic cathedrals.

Respectively, the cathedrals of Chartres and Salisbury represent typical aspects of the two different fashions. This paper will discuss not only the intricacy of Gothic cathedrals as they were developed in France within the second half of the twelfth century, but also the transformation that took place when it became the national style of England and why certain changes took place.

I will also question as to whether or not Gothic should be considered darccy French and that all of styles should be compared to and modeled after, or if the United Kingdom had a hand in the establishment of the period. In my artwork I explore the role the turtle plays, not just in shared cultural beliefs, but as an ideal in my personal life journey.

It is an ancient sanctuary, a spiritual home, found in all of nature.

WEB For Dummies by Nathan Sommer on Prezi

I created my turtle works in ceramics, a medium as enduring and earthen as “turtle” itself. My understanding of “turtle” is enhanced by what I have learned about its biology, morphology, and evolution, which combines with my art to form an interdisciplinary view of this organism. The innate immune system consists of both passive barriers to infection and active responses, such as the production of antimicrobial proteins.

In the model organism C. The mechanism by which this specificity is regulated is not well understood because C. To dissect the molecular mechanisms behind innate immune specificity, we have designed a C.

GFP, which is activated by infection with Gram negative bacteria, and Pclec This dual reporter strain will fluoresce green when worms are infected with a Gram negative pathogen and will fluoresce red when infected with Gram positive bacteria. This transgenic strain will permit us to perform several different screens that could reveal genes involved in the regulation of immune response specificity. For example, we could do a forward genetic screen to find mutants that have aberrant fluorescence patterns, such as both reporters being induced by a single pathogen.

This screen will allow us to elucidate the components of an important but largely unstudied facet of innate immunity. Caenorhabditis elegans is an excellent model organism for studying innate immunity because it possesses a simple immune system with many similar components to those of the mammalian innate immune system.

In response to recognizing pathogenic infection, C. While the downstream transcriptional targets of FSHR-1 are known, the specific components of the signaling cascade are yet to be determined.

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However, of the four known adenylyl cyclases, none show a clear intestinal innate immunity phenotype. Because of this somewhat puzzling result, we have redirected our attention on gsa-1, a heterotrimeric G protein alpha futue.

As with an fshr-1 mutation, we have previously shown that a gsa-1 mutation results in an increase in the worms sensitivity to infection. We therefore hypothesize that gsa-1 is a downstream target of fshr In order to test this, we will perform an epistasis experiment with gsa-1 and fshr Because a gsa-1 mutation and systemic RNAi results in embryonic lethality, we are constructing a strain that contains a mutation in sid-1, a channel required for uptake of dsrna for systemic RNAi, a transgenic array rescuing this sid-1 mutation specifically in the intestine, and a null mutation A newly hatched tadpole only has cartilage, while adult frogs have cartilage and bone.


Both the cartilage and bone cells of the face come from the same embryonic precursors: This implies that during the first stage of skeletal formation, only some of the CNCC differentiate into cartilage while others, which become adult bone, wait until metamorphosis.

The purpose of this research is to combine bioinformatics and molecular genetic techniques to determine where the bone-forming CNCC population is in tadpoles by making transgenic frogs that express osterix reporter constructs.

Thus far, bioinformatic data lead to the discovery of a putative Runx2 binding site on the Osterix gene.

The gene’s promoter and intronic regions have been amplified and the every other component of the reporter construct has frzgmented cloned.

Future steps involve creating the reporter construct and injecting it into frogs to determine the location of the population of precursor bone cells. Tiffany was sequenced at the University of Pittsburgh and was assigned to cluster A3. Tiffany s genome is 50, bp long and contains 89 putative coding genes and 3 trna genes, with a GC content of Tiffany had no unique genes; all of its genes belong to gene families phams found in other A3 phages.

Among the A subclusters, Frgmented phages share more similarities with members of subclusters Fragjented, A4, and A2.

All sequenced subcluster A3 phages have either one or three trnas, in the left end of before the lysin and terminase genes. This suggests these genes are expressed during lysis. The trna for Tryptophan is always included in the A3 phages. If they have more trnas, these code for Asparagine and Leucine. The function fragmentef trnas dimucic discussed in another poster. While there are many examples of this in invertebrates, the only known example of a mutualist entering the cells of a vertebrate is in Ambystoma maculatum, commonly known as the spotted salamander.

This Pennsylvania-native species almost always has an algae inside of its egg capsules, and this algae enters cells during development.

The mechanism of cellular entry is currently unknown. Two likely candidates are: To study this, I will set up co-cultures of A. These reciprocal co-cultures will be performed by inoculating A. Then I will determine whether there is cellular entry by sorting the cells through auto-fluorescence and DNA staining at the American Museum of Natural History. This experiment has four potential outcomes: The DNA was then sequenced and used to establish where bacterial populations emerged over the course of the embryo’s development.

We aligned genome futur across all cluster A subclusters and then generated phylogenetic hypotheses consistent with these alignments. We then found sequence features associated with recombination events.

We identified sites under selection, both diversifying and purifying. Statistically significantly higher or lower frequencies of amino acid changes than expected in a specific section of a genome would respectively indicate diversifying or purifying selection. Not all amino acid changes result in changes in protein structure and function, so we also identified site-specific changes in amino acid functional properties. We further searched for evidence of epistasis, coevolution, and amino acid toggling.

Despite this diversity, there are common patterns to the organization of their genomes. Taking advantage of the many sequenced cluster A mycobacteriophages, we can gain a better understanding of genome organization in this group.

To do this, we identified noncoding regions such as promoters and terminators. We searched for evidence of horizontal gene transfer among cluster A phages. Transferred genes can be identified in two fuutre.

First, homologous genes found in different locations in different genomes are thought to be morons, which often include their own promoter and terminator.

Finally, we explored the causes of variation in genome length sarcy these phages. This building was built primarily with student labor to house the impressive collection of antiquities and natural specimens obtained by one of the most prolific student societies on campus at the time, the Linnaean Association.