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Ver geht es im Wesentlichen um die Vermittlung folgender Kenntnisse: S;rengmeister measuring apparatus, consisting of piston and anvil, resembles the Kast brisance meter. If such mixtures of glycerol and diglycerol are nitrated, mixtures of nitroglycerol and tetranitroglycerol are obtained; they have a lower solidification temperature than pure nitroglycerine.

It can be prepared by reaction of benzoyl chloride with sodium peroxide. Its vapors are toxic and cause headaches. When technical grade pentaerythritol is nitrated, a certain amount of di- pentaerythritol hexanitrate is formed as a by-product. The device can be calibrated by static pressure.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

From the resulting 2×9 individual values, the mean should be determined. C 2 H 8 N 2 molecular weight: The quantity of the test sample is 10 mm 3. Barium Nitrate Bariumnitrat; nitrate de barium: Diazodinitrophenol diazodinitrophenol; Dinol, Diazol; D.

Ten grams of the explosive to be tested are detonated in the combustion chamber. Explosives are solid, liquid, or gelatinous substances or mixtures of kehrbuch substances, which have been manufactured for blasting or propulsion purposes.


Combustion Chamber Brennkammer; chambre de combustion; case In rocket technology, the chamber in which the reaction of the pro- pellants takes place.

A circular hole indicates detonation.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

With regard to azide-free gas mixtures, there have been numerous patents and initial applications since the early nineties. C 15 H 19 N 04 molecular weight: Explosive Materials and their Application Explosives Table However, a highbrisance ex- plosive such as Hexogen or another explosive must usually lehrbucj added Text quoted from glossary.

Waxed and unwaxed qualities are mar- keted. A concentrated solu- tion of nitrocellulose in a solvent which is immiscible with water e.

Filter chamber apertures Casting of Propellants Giessen von Triebsatzen; coulee de propergols Casting processes are needed especially in rocketry for the shaping of large propellant grains. The propagation sprenngmeister the shock wave is maintained by the energy of the reaction.

The sudden gas expan- sion taking place in the borehole has an effect similar to that of an explosion.

In addition to the mechanical method described there are also electro- mechanical measuring techniques in which the impact pressure is recorded by an oscillograph with the aid of a piezoquartz crystal. Critical Diameter Kritischer Durchmesser ; diametre critique The critical diameter lehrbch the minimum diameter of an explosive charge at which detonation can still take place.


The mechanical preferably rubber-elastic properties of the plastic binders must satisfy special requirements. Thus new detonators afford much better protection against stray currents.

Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

For more information on Diazophenols see: Other relevant key- words are: It crystallizes out of alcohol as lerhbuch plates. The thermal balance can also be applied in this manner to the study of thermal stability of explosive materials. The detonation ras distance, especially that of less sensitive explosives, is strongly affected by the consistency, density and the cross-section of the charge. Thermoanalytische Ergeb- nisse der Untersuchung von Sprengstoffen, Az.: This law is explained on p.

Gas yield of the mixture: The carbon monoxide content should be de- termined by the Wosthoff conductivity method to or by infrared absorp- tion.