Shop at The Scholastic Store for the best books for children, educational resources for kids, crafts for kids, teachings resources and more. All purchases earn. The Forests of Silence has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Forests Of Silence (Deltora Quest, #1), Emily RoddaThe Forests of Silence was. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a dangerous quest. land of the Shadow Lord, they struggle toward their first goal–the sinister Forests of Silence.

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Oct 11, Harold Ogle rated it liked it Shelves: Only days before, this same illness took the queen. For centuries, the royal family had unknowingly been corrupted by their de,tora advisors, who were in reality the Shadow Lord ‘s servants.

The Forests of Silence – Wikipedia

Each had a gem from deep within the Earth, a talisman with special powers. Apr 28, Lorally rated it it was amazing. I like to think of Deltora Quest as a precursor to silece fantasy series like Lord of the RingsA S I’m eight years older than my brother.

Lief pleads for her to help, and asks for her family’s aid so that he and Barda may be carried away to safety. I don’t know I could recommend anything in adult fiction, but if you haven’t read Rowan of Rin, Three Doors and Star of Deltora, you could always return to the world in the best way possible: The Deltora Quest Series.

The books follow a formula, with a quest that arcs over the whole series. I’m surprised Lief agreed to accepting the quest with his companion, Barda the ‘beggar’. For a kid’s adventure book, this thing ticks all the boxes for me. Also Barda’s role was obvious as soon as it was mentioned by Lief’s parents. Agents of the Shadow Lord, loath to touch the gems and unable to destroy them, have scattered them across the land delttora appointed fell guardians to prevent their retrieval. Jarred learned that a blacksmith named Adin gathered the sacred talismans from each tribe and attached them to a chain froest steel medallions.


This serves both as a solid motive for her to abandon her lone wolf ways and, for astute readers, as some great foreshadowing of future events. He learned that it was Adin ‘s original intent for the king or queen to always wear the Belt and never let it out of their sight. Sunlight enters the Dark, and the Lilies of Life bloom at last. Her mother saw Jasmine and made a sign to her to stay in the ferns and be silent. It started with Harry Potter silenfe spiraled out from there.

Other books in the series. Mar 30, Dani Wood rated it really liked it. They fight a guy then find 1 gem. Apr 24, Featherheart rated it it was ok.

The Forests of Silence

Lief and Barda show the Topaz to Jasmine, who takes it in her hands but suddenly the place is filled with mist, and a pale figure of a woman appears, who is ‘sweet-faced and smiling.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This first book in the first series apparently the Deltora line resembles the “Beast Quest” line, in that they are both long series of books broken up into shorter “mini-series” of five or six volumes each quwst an unusually complicated plot for a children’s bookand protagonists that exhibit a more complicated emotional range than most children’s books they’re angry, confused, and, at times, both resentful and distrustful of each other.

With every generation, the Belt was worn qest and less, diminishing its effect. The Deltora Book of Monsters. The Seven Jewels Game Jun 10, Lindsay Grogan rated it liked it. I read them all in one weekend, and it lead to a lot of good conversations between us. Finally, the King realizes that his friend may have been correct, and secretly sends for his friend to return.


Sort of a nine chapter prologue, if you will. First half of the book is about the protagonist’s dad. I hope you’ll join me on my journey through Deltora, and on to the sequel series I’ve yet to explore. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Although it is not chalked full of literary genius, the riddles expertly woven delhora the book and the plot and characters do its job in entertainment.

Its a nice intermezzo between all the horror. But one man, a humble blacksmith, forged an alliance between all the tribes, just as he forged a mighty Belt that would bear and amplify the power of all seven gems. Books by Emily Rodda.

Jarred, learning of this, urges Endon to put on the Belt and revive the custom of Adin. Lief and Jasmine find that there’s no body inside the armour, and that it was only darkness and ailence strong will that kept Gorl alive.

The Forests of Silence (Deltora Quest #1) by Emily Rodda

A person identified as Jarred’s son and apprentice, Lief, has been born during this time. They try to find the gems so they can have the Belt of Deltora back together. Endon explained that Min had come to him to warn him that she had overheard two people speaking of a danger that would occur that nightand that she had begged him to try and prevent it.

View all 3 comments. She saw fogest Ak-Baba circling the palace.