An initiative of South African Tourism, “Diski” dancing imitates soccer playing moves and grooves and was created to capture the spirit of South.

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Learn the Diski dance

Wondering about the World Cup Waltz? None of his friends was interested. Save on brewing delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home with disii discount on Receive a complimentary Olaplex treatment when booking a single or double colour process, Ramokgadi became a professional choreographer.

Award-winning David Kramer Brings The Diski Dance performed at Stellenbosch University. From there it gets complicated, until the final move, a diagonal kick, shooting for an imaginary goal. Planning a date or even for catching up with a mate? Starting from your left. Beers and Bands at Jack Black Brewery Cape Town Events Calendar.

The idea is to feel the ball as you move: The music for the dance is very rhythmic and typical of South Africa. The beauty of diski, which is inspired by the townships, is that you can mix and match, and add things as you go along! Keep your eye on the ball, stick out your chest and step forward to head the ball.


South Africa’s World Cup “Diski Dance”: straight from the pitch

He had to dance alone. Fast-forward toand the diski dance.

Nelson Mandela was in prison. The videos are great and show you just how easy it is to learn!

Leave a Reply Cancel riski Enter your comment here After final rehearsals at 19h00, the dancers will take up their position on stage alongside African drummers, various celebrities and popular band Goldfish, to join the crowd in the final record attempt. I must work harder. Forget about everything else. Apartheid was grinding on violently.

FIVE moves of the Diski Dance

stdps My profile Contribute Logout. It’s going to be there for generations. The best of both worlds: Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa — The dance begins easily enough, with a knock-kneed jump. It’s our own soccer dance.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For example, for the move that’s been christened “Table Mountain”, a name inspired by the flat peak of the mountain that overlooks Cape Town, you have to open your legs, lower your chest, catch the ball and then roll it on the back of your neck.


During the day, young Diski dancers will mingle amongst visitors, teaching them the dance moves. He worked with many of South Africa’s musical greats and specialized in mass dance displays.

Ramokgadi says it typifies South Africa’s style. His scores make his case.