DISOGRIN Asymmetrical U-Cup. Rod series U-cup with an asymmetrical profile of the sealing lips, chamfered sealing edges. Knife cut static and dynamic lips for . The Disogrin RO Rod Seal offers superb sealing performance as either a primary or secondary sealing element. ROXXU, Disogrin Asymmetrical Rod Seal . Shopping and catalog features will not work without cookies. polyurethane U Disorigin Simrit O-Rings. Choose from the simrit oring catalog at MFP Seals. View Disogrin. For pricebreaks, please login to your.

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Issue 1 Description Flexible rotary coupling are used to compensate for radial, angular and axial misalignment of the shafts. With superior performance, cafalog. Like all rotating machine parts, the rotors of equipment fans need to be provided with bearings.

O-RING DISOGRIN – Product Details

Automotive brake fluids Automotive transmission fluids 6. Please contact the local ERIKS representative if an application does not clearly fall into these design parameters. Catheters The MedSource I. Published on Oct View Download 3. At any given time there are anomalies and difficulties in the prediction of friction. The standard seal has been designed to replace an O-ring without back-ups. Hose Shelf Life Storage environment, along with rubber materials can vary the shelf life limit.

Jump to metric unloaded U-cup sizes.

Unlike the others, this seal is much wider to give maximum resistance to spiral failure. This causes the seal to be more responsive to high speed pressure shifts.


Phosphate ester fire resistant fluids 2. Delta Spray Features and Benefits. Wiper arm constructed of stainless steel Documents. Proper storage precautions can result. It’s a double-lip all rubber wiper seal that prevents oil scraping off.

All Wiper Technologies wiper Documents.

N 47.62 X 57.15 X 7.93

The piston seal T19 is fitted for pressure to both sides of the piston and is Max. High Speed Hydraulic Motors.

Table 26 Overall Belt Thickness Dimensions. Packing and gaskets Page of Packing and gaskets Page of 7. Dosogrin High tensile zinc-plated steel 3. Load contact surface top and bottom has molded positive gripping, interlocking, convex rubber More information.

Popular solutions today are either More information. Quad -rings The sealing principle of the Quad ring is nearly the same as the O-ring sealing.

Replacing an O-ring Max. Single-acting wiper for protection of cylinders against ingress of dirt, use in standardized Max. Tips and Practical Information No. Dragon Tooth, the insulation piercing connector 5. The durability More information. Table 25 Center Cata,og Tolerances. SKF bushings, thrust washers and strips. Inertia and gas loads as well as high More information.

Smooth Output Torque throughout the entire speed range of More information. Please see size listing for dimensions for each part. It’s designed cqtalog the smaller section, and is able Max. Having given due consideration to all aspects of the shaft seal assembly including the bore, the shaft, and the design of the seal itselfwhat remains is to successfully.


It s rectangular shape resists rolling or twisting making it more stable in the groove. General Motor pumps and hydraulic power More information. Please see size listing for dimensions for each part. Please see Design Tolerance section for complete details on machine tolerances. The type of crusher used will depend on a variety of factors including the type of mine.

Controlled application of force. The square or rectangular load ring provide positive, no drift sealing in many cylinder applications. Press News Bearing Systems for Fans: Because of the rectangular cross section design, this seal is very resistant to rolling or twisting.

In rod seal leakage test, the double-lipped rod style unloaded U-cup had better performance then the conventional U-cup. Knife-cut lips on both the dynamic and static sides assures maximum sealing force to provide maximum motion control while preventing drift. Single acting design can be used separately for single acting cylinders or in back-to-back tandems for double acting cylinders. Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Unit The lightly rounded sealing edge wipes dirt away safely and leaves a residual oil film on the retracting rod.

This series is also rectangular in design.