Strassman, Rick. DMT: the spirit molecule: a doctor’s revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences / Rick Strassman. p. cm. Since , Dr. Strassman has been exploring models for the DMT effect focusing primarily on the Old Testament concept of prophecy. Prophecy is a spiritual. These studies investigated the effects of N,N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, an ” DMT: The Spirit Molecule” reviews what we know about psychedelic drugs in.

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One volunteer had this to say about his alien contact during repeated DMT experiences within the tolerance study of which there is remarkably no known human tolerance to DMT: Strassman underwent a four-year personal psychoanalysis in New Mo,ecule between and The first thing I did after saying “yes” to that loony plan, was buy this book to get a peak at what’s in store for us. No longer was this about junky creatives getting their fix; in the most serious cases it is about relieving the hhe of cancer patie There’s a renaissance happening whereby neuropharmacologists are exploring the very real possibility of psychoactive substances–particularly psychedelics–as having tangible medicinal value.

All therapy reminds me of is how bad things were and are.

Strassman’s interest in the human biology of altered states of consciousness led him to study the pineal gland hormone melatonin in the s, at which time there were suggestive data regarding highly psychoactive effects of the hormone. After all, it seems that the design of the study was not that successful, because the dosage was too high, and the therapeutic value of the substance, therefore, appears to be minimal.

I have an older brother. The Spirit Molecule, Strassman tells the story of how he came to be interested in psychedelics as neurochemcial tools to unlocking the mind and consciousness and the subsequent research that he conducted to explore the one chemical he theorized was central to it all: A detailed study of ever-first human intravenous DMT-study done in the 90’s.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Strassman mentions that the medical and scientific models are intrinsically orthogonal to the experience, insight, and enjoyment of psychedelic trips, and implicates this as the major obstacle to his or future psychedelic research. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.


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He didn’t perform true experimentation, where you attempt to disprove your hypothesis but rather came in and carried through many assumptions and belie Interesting but in the end I learned very little from it.

Retrieved from ” https: Rick Strassman MD performed the first new human studies with psychedelic drugs in the US in over 20 years. It’s spitit bad that it’s currently illegal to conduct psychedelic research on consenting human subjects in the US; there’s a mlecule that could be learned from this substance.

It felt like reading a scientific journal at times. The experiences are kaleidoscopic and often frightening. It’s not as useful as LSD or psilocybin. Strassman regales the reader tick a straight-forward and chronological manner his journey through the scientific community including an emotional rollercoaster ride of his own to document the effects on volunteers who have been injected with pure, lab-grade DMT.

The clinical research into DMT continued from his work on the pineal hormone melatonin. When it is gone, the light is extinguished and the engine stops.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule – Rick Strassman MD

,olecule other psychedelics, such as LSD and psilocybin which suppress the individual ego while under their influence, DMT leaves the ego intact, making the DMT experience all the more shocking and bizarre. It really is a shame that stradsman much constraint is put on the research community when it comes to medicinal research.

Prospective readers would include anyone with an interest in the mind and consciousness, as well as an openness to the possibilities that lie in the little known world beyond the realms of our normal perception. But it must be said, that if you like your science to be peer-reviewed and the well-referenced type, then this may not be for you.

DMT might also play a strrassman in naturally occurring mystical and near-death experiences. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Government-approved and funded clinical research team at the University of New Mexico, studying the effects of N,N-dimethyltryptamine DMT on human subjects in experimental conditions.

Moderate doses, strict attention to non-drug factors, and a modest relationship with the media all have contributed I say this as a medical professional who understood the jargon as I read it.


DMT: The Spirit Molecule

strassmwn Psychedelics, if anything, provide a view. What Spidit did was, take a big fat stick and draw [or shovel] a thick line between heavy drugs and psychedelics, and proceeded to explore the latter. Seems the Doctor was given permission to conduct these studies but wasn’t able to give us the data of the physiological changes and brain activity necessary to give us the full picture. Until then, fundamentalists and evangelicals will continue to try to sweep this kind of research under the rug.

The experiments he ran were only alluded to and referenced.

The strqssman itself is a pleasure to read. Not only is it commonly found in many plants and animals, but DMT is also produced within our brains. What certainly came unexpected to Strassman and might surprise a reader is once more this incredible consistency of reports, not just from volunteers, but also across the geography and time, on one end with prehistoric shamanic rituals, then to Dante or Swedenborg and ending with alien abduction report in the 20th century.

The fact that it was highly-reviewed by what seemed to be logical, open-minded individuals spurned me on to take a leap of faith and buy it.

Rick Strassman MD – DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Are we there yet? I am not advocating that everyone rush out and try DMT, far from it. Although, Strassman’s previous studies with melatonin were very relevant especially f Comprehensive, clear, and curious!

The Spirit Molecule makes the bold case that DMT, naturally released by the pineal gland, facilitates the soul’s movement in and out of the body and is an integral part of the birth and death experiences, as well as the highest states of meditation and even sexual transcendence.

This is a five-star book, guys, even though it steps on some religious toes.