Materiały inżynierskie i projektowanie materiałowe: podstawy nauki o materiałach i metaloznawstwo. Front Cover. Leszek Adam Dobrzański. Wydawnictwa. Metaloznawstwo: z podstawami nauki o materiałach. Front Cover. Leszek Adam Dobrzański. Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne, – pages. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Metaloznawstwo i obróbka cieplna stopów metali | , [1] s.: il. ; 24 cm. } Leszek A. Dobrzański. Abstract. , [1] s.

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Sources of information about the materials and their use methods. Sikorski, Corrosion resistance of chromium nitride and oxynitride layers produced under glow discharge conditions, Surface and Coatings Technology I.

Books by Leszek A. Dobrzański

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Brazing of Titanium with Aluminium Alloys : Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

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Determining the working conditions of machine parts and devices on the basis of available information metaloznawsgwo.

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Koval, Struktura i svojstva metallov i splavov. Selection terms, depending on the occurring threats. The structural examinations revealed that in diffusion zone near the boundary with titanium the braze contained solid solutions based on hard and brittle Ti-Al type intermetallic phases determining the strength of the joints. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

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The following articles are merged in Scholar. metalozmawstwo

Dobrza ska-danikiewicz, Kszta towanie. Leszek Adam Dobrzaski M. Email address for updates. Open Access Library Volume. Paper sources standards, data sheets and electronic sources databases CAMS – practical use; 2. Klimpel, The comparision of tribological properties of the surface layer of the hot work tool steels obtained by ,etaloznawstwo alloying, Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 42 M.