Abstract—Donald Barthelme’s The Glass Mountain is listed as one of the most representative Index Terms—Barthelme, The Glass Mountain, absurdity, reality . The Glass Mountain has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. Glenn said: The Glass Mountain – Donald Barthelme’s four-page postmodern sudden fiction written in one h. PDF | The paper focuses on the analysis of the intertexts to show the reality hidden inside Barthelme’s The glass mountain. Barthelme is a representative of.

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Additionally, is there a cynical social or political statement being made here? The undergraduate students pooled their creative resources, and in a little over a year the Spring premiere issue hit the presses.

The gain was minimal, not an arm’s length. Older people walked dogs. The conventional means of attaining the castle are as follows: We invite you to read, submit, attend, enjoy. He seemed much closer to his mother and agreeable to her strictures. It is pointed out to visitors. I saw the glittering palace, which by the pale rays of the moon looked like a dim lamp; and I saw the windows and balconies of the castle tower. My acquaintances were shouting at me.

Glass Mountain

Remember me on this computer. The top of the mountain vanishes into the clouds, or on cloudless days, into the sun. Scores of new voices needed expression and a place to be heard, both on the printed page and at our readings and gatherings.


The mountain towers over that part of Eighth Avenue like some splendid, immense office building. My acquaintances were prising out the gold teeth of not-yet dead knights.

: Donald Barthelme: Glass Mountain

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. My acquaintances had gathered at the bottom of the mountain to offer encouragement.

Is the enchanted symbol a powerful symbol the way the American flag is a powerful symbol for Americans? I had attained the lower slope.

Drawing a small knife from his belt, he cut off both the eagle’s feet. A number of nightingales with traffic lights tied to their legs flew past me. The quotation is probably spurious. With the success of Glass Mountain came a desire baethelme reach further into the community to encourage writers in their craft. The Glass Mountain by Donald Barthelme. The golden castle is guarded by a glss eagle with blazing rubies for eyes. I was new in the neighborhood yet I had accumulated acquaintances.

I resolved to proceed without the Bandaids. Help Center Find new research papers in: In true postmodernist form, subject and purpose collide as Donald Barthelm A glass mountain sits in the middle of a city and at the badthelme sits a ‘beautiful, enchanted symbol’. In the streets were hundreds of young people shooting up in doorways, behind parked cars.

When the eagle attacked him and dug its talons into his skin, the schoolboy was mountwin up to the top. Our journal continues to offer emerging writers a unique national platform for publication, with high literary standards dobald print and online. I unstuck the righthand plumber’s friend.


He uttered the word “Muerte” 4 as he passed me. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The sidewalks were full of dogshit in brilliant colors: Book Dude marked it as to-read Jul 11, Drawing a small knife from my belt, I cut off both the eagle’s feet. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A knight in pale pink armor appeared above me.

There was once a glass mountain with a golden castle on top. The United States of American: The meaninglessness existence was absurd, according to existential philosopher Jean Paul Satre and Albert Camus: Does one climb a glass mountain, at considerable personal discomfort, simply to disenchant a symbol?

Thw think I like this story better, but I like Rushdie’s reading voice better than the one in my head, so I am conflicted. The following-named knights had failed to climb the mountain and were groaning in the heap: Open Preview See a Problem? Nevertheless I had acquaintances. In front of the castle was a tree with golden apples. Saba marked it as to-read Jul 11, According to McCaffery, “Barthelme’s own evident artistic anxieties are reflected within his stories some of whose main characters are artist figure.