Dr. Brownstein claims 96% of the patients tested in his clinic had iodine deficiency. I have started testing patients in my practice and estimate from the first . Buy Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It (5th Edition By David Brownstein, M.d. and a Bottle of Amazon’s Choice for “dr. brownstein iodine”. Dr. David Brownstein. – “Iodine is not only necessary for the production of thyroid hormone, it is also responsible for the production of all of the other hormones of.

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Sponsored links Today we look at an ancient practice that is making a modern resurgence: In a most significant study called the Iodine Project, done from throughDr. This is important because cancer cells have mitochondria per cell, whereas healthy cells have 3, mitochondria per cell, yielding significantly more energy and protection from cancer. These healing detox symptoms should not be confused with iodine toxicity. There is also an increase in TSH thyroid stimulating hormone with increased iodine, which may last up to six months.

In perspective, the thyroid holds 50 milligrams of iodine, the breasts hold milligrams, the skin holds milligrams of iodine, and the whole body holds milligrams, and possibly much more. Thyroid hormone regulates mitochondrial protein synthesis.

In the pineal gland, fluoride interferes with the secretion of melatonin. Perchlorate from rocket fuel and fluoridated and chloridated water also force iodine out of the system, with a single perchlorate displacing iodine atoms compared to a 1: Adequate iodine is the critical nutrient that activates and sustains this physical and energetic chakra bridge.


Bromine forces iodine from the system by competitive inhibition. Mercola cites the lymph carries up to times the parasites and toxins as carried in the blood.

In the video, Brownstein states that people have their reduced salt intake in recent decades, and that the amount of iodine in iodized salt is still not enough for most people. Brownsteim Joy discovered these energy centers spontaneously.

This was done by Dr. Iodine increases the movement of granulocytes into areas of inflammation and improves the phagocytosis of bacteria by granulocytes and the ability of granulocytes to kill bacteria.

Gabriel Cousens’ Blog

Historically, as early aspeople normally took between—, micrograms daily without incident. Brownstein, the primary reason for mitochondrial failure is iodine deficiency. When the Wolff-Chaikoff unsubstantiated and unreplicated theoretical data resurfaced init created a media scare without substance, and people began removing iodine from bakery bread 1 slice used to supply micrograms of iodine and replaced it with bromine, which, as previously stated, is one of the top twelve most harmful toxins and carcinogens on the planet.

One can see there are a number of modern stresses contributing to this widespread iodine depletion. The study lasted for 60 days: Plus, traditional cancer treatments have been a dismal failure, particularly when the initial iodije returns — often with a vengeance.

Iodine – The Universal and Holistic Super Mineral | Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Nonjoiner August 23, Iodine sufficiency helps to remedy this lung issue. It is iodime to start with a low dose and build up, while checking the urine for discharged toxins. David Brownstein, browwnstein Dr. People do not become allergic to iodine per se. In terms of treating excess mucus and chronic lung diseases, doses of iodine up to six times higher than the FDA recommendations have been safely administered for months.


As mentioned, iodine supports apoptosis; hence, pregnant women need more iodine because the fetus goes through more apoptosis than any other life phase.

Dr. Brownstein Reviews

The three main estrogens estrone E1estradiol E2and estriol E3 come into balance with iodine sufficiency. It is true that severe iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism.

The treatment of using thyroid glandular again, high in iodine actually prevents heart disease and points to the importance of iodine itself in preventing heart disease.

Nonjoiner July 12, About 5 milligrams daily with no toxic effect has been found to be effective in the treatment. This is important in the immune system. Actually, iodine can help eliminate food allergies according to Dr. For example, in throughDr. There is a suggestion about the possibility of excess iodine, which is brownsteib there may brownsrein a transient hours hypothyroidism as described by Dr. From a larger physiological perspective, it is important to realize that the thyroid is only one gland of many glands and df that needs iodine.

Deficiency of iodine may also contribute to low stomach acid and decreased ability to absorb B12 and calcium.