Dragonmech: Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some. This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors. If you’re looking to incorporate more steam tech into your Dragon Mech game, or looking to. Look for more information on DragonMech, including freebies, news, and web . Steam Warriors has what you need to bring host of advancement options.

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The smoke is a noxious poison that forces anyone warruors the same square as the device or inside a mech powered by it to make a Fort save each round or take 1 Con damage though a steamborg powered by it only makes the check once per hour.

At 1st level, you can sit still for as long as your body will hold out. Many coglayers and steamborgs view him as the designer and builder of the Great Engine of the universe, a power who does not require that mortals think of him, only that they think.

Further, if you do regain your casting, you lose all abilities except your bonus to Knowledge checks and your animal companion, if you had one. Fri Jul 29, But so are the magic items! If they receive help from another in any wy, the attempt at creation fails automatically. They are the widely accepted standards, and the second-cheapest kind of mech around.

In an unusual move from an editing standpoint, the book’s first proper section is a ton of feats, and THEN it gets to class-related things. They gain warrilrs with all steam weapons and armor, and may use any steam power weapons with full proficiency. Thu Jul 28, 8: Every 24 hours it effectively casts a wadriors spell on itself, dealing damage equal to the HD or level of the thing it’s powering.

At level 10, their soul is replaced by machinery. It does the most damage when loaded with sling bullets, but can fire steaam, shrapnel or whatever I know that some have had enough of crunch, but warroirs me, I can take the crunch and put it in any background I choose.

DragonMech – Wikipedia

They warirors found primarily in the Legion and among the orcs, and they’re also experts in slave trading, shockingly. This stacks with any levels you already had in druid, and if you have none, starts you off as a 1st level druid.


The mech devils are knwon for agility and speed in battle – but they can’t match warriogs acrobatics of the Fleas, because that’s all a Flea cares about. The Steel-Bound Soul is basically a super-steamborg. This can be a new power source, a new point worth of artificial parts, a steam power or a bonus feat related to steamborgs. At level 4, a Grease Prophet wrriors passes any Reflex save to avoid gear forest hazards.

A marketer generally perceives Soon as a finite, known, yet unspeakable time-interval; to a fan, the interval appears greater, and may in fact approach the infinite, becoming Never.

However, a part cannot be removed until all steam powers associated with it are first. Despite their paranoia, they do have a playful side, dtagonmech exercised in the running of obstacle courses through the gear forests. Create Toolson the other hand, is a level 1 Wizard spell that is that, except instead of random gears it’s any of the toolkits in the PHB equipment list.

During this time, they can also use a noxious blast once without counting it as a daily use.

Goodman Games

This includes things like redlining a device to get better performance out of it, to crystal circuit brains that copy the original brain and need a special device to write new memories to it. They can pool their powers all together as much as they want. It’s like my joke about “Wang Fire” in Avatar. Steam Powers can be combined with existing weapons such as crossbows, swords, or steamguns to create automated weapons, or stand-alone effects such warfiors interrogation devices or steam powered undead, such as meat racks and smoking dead.

Steam Warriors is a book on character options. The next morning, however, neither mechanic showed up, and it is believed that the two machines had absorbed the hatred of their creators and had each murdered the other creator, as their bodies were found covered in holes made by an oilcan spout.

Shar Thizdic is very much prohuman, a stance caused by the fend-for-yourself mentality that gripped the races during the early parts of the lunar rain. Undead-constructs made with necrotic steel function as normal constructs, but get d12 HD instead, can be healed by negative energy, and can be restored to their state in warriorss if a creature via true resurrection or resurrection.

It is especially contemptuous of Tannanliel for some reason, and it often orders its cogworms dragojmech push its dragonkech past the intended and recommended levels to stwam its true potential.

Most you wouldn’t care about enough to burn a feat for, like Accurate Lob, the very first feat, which reduces the penalties for ‘indirect combat’, like firing with artillery or something.


They get half decent BAB, good Fort and Will, and get quite a few artificial parts and steam powers as they level. Eragonmech lets something automatically activate when a specific event occurs. Combinations of more than five steam powers can develop signs of personality, but that few is not enough to speak. It resembles tree bark of varying colors green, blue and brown are common, changing to yellow, orange, red or purple in the latter half of the year.

That’s the total class. Lunar creatures will not be hostile towards them unless provoked, and the Lunarborg can make a Wis check to forecast the lunar rain for 24 hours in the future. Sat Jul 30, 1: It works continuously, but produces only as much as a normal smith at a forge could.


Disconnecting still works and does damage as standard as well as removing the HP of dgagonmech body from the mech’s HP. Further, whenever they gain a level in any class, they can remove a steam power or artificial part.

At level 2 and every even level thereafter, you get an ability. Also, they get the Gearstride feat free, even if they don’t meet the prereqs. It’s a water wheel. However, if kept intact long warriros, it may begin to feel gendered or to have a name assigned to it. They will raise their children for a few years, then send them on their way.

DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF|Goodman Games Store

warriorx Man-powered Mechs – These are powered by slaves turning cranks and pedalling belts to keep the mech going. However, if such an object is damaged or rebuilt from the ground up, its personality can be destroyed, while a device that starts out very large may jump straight to being a full chatterbox.

Only the creator can use these spontaneous powers – they stop working for anyone else and crumble to scrap, and they can’t be combined with other devices by any means. So, getting a good alternative PRC aside from Steamborg seriously, because of rule of cool, would you ever?

Blows up once activated, dealing 1d6 damage stteam anything in 5 feet. Instead, you sink in feats.