Dua Mashlool with Urdu translation: Dua Mashlool with Urdu Subtitles – Best Recitation. Dua Mashlool with Urdu Subtitles – Best Recitation. Apr 17, 1st on App Store, Dua-e-mashlool (Arabic: دعإِ مشلول), in original Arabic script with translation in English, Farsi, Urdu languages and also.

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O You that does not need any explanation. O You that nourishes the little baby.

O Giver of peace! O Mashloo Mighty over all things. Prosperity, sound mind and healthy body stand by you at all times. O He Who chose Moses by spoken words! O You that takes pity on the aged and decrepit.

Domestic issues are eased. O Companion of all strangers.

O Exalted; Duz Unassailable. They went near to console him and find out the reason of his sorry plight. Deliver me from the chains of strictures.


O He for Whom the difficult is simple and easy! O He Who gave Dhul-Qarnayn victory over the tyrannical kings! O You that raises men in rank and degree.

O Thou that art informed of all intentions; Thou that restoreth that which has been lost; O Thou that art not confused by a multiplicity of voices; O Thou that art not harassed by a multitude of petitions; and Whom no darkness can hide or cover; O Light of heaven and earth. Through Imam Hussain as it is reported that one day he and his father, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance.

O supporter of those who take refuge in You. O Forbearing; O Bountiful. O You that accedes to requests. O You that destroyed the people of Lot. O He Who sends down blessings! O You that saved Ismaeel from slaughter by substituting for him the Great Sacrifice. O Reviver of the spirits.

Dua e Mashlool Mola Ali urdu by Syed Mohsin Raza

O Fulfiller of promises; O Deliverer of welfare. O He Who gives life to the dead! O Lord of munificence and generosity! O Excuser; O Pardoner. O You more munificent than the most munificent. O Alleviator of suffering; O Fulfiller of hopes. O He Who is powerful over everything! O He Who is worshipped and thankful!


O Acceptor of sacrifice.

Dua Mashlool Urdu Translation – Urdu

wity O Help of him who has no help! O Artist; O Beneficent. O Dispatcher of the spirits! O He Who is not encompassed by thoughts. O He Who is merciful to old men! O Powerful; O Almighty. O Lord of might and trannslation O You that has each day a distinctive Glory. O You Seer of all things.

O Trusted; O Guardian. As a result, paralysis befell on him. O Most Seeing of the viewers!