The Vatican Sayings (Unabridged). This collection of maxims, titled “The Sayings of Epicurus” – or alternatively, “The Voice of Epicurus” – was rediscovered in. THE VATICAN COLLECTION OF EPICUREAN SAYINGS Introduction The as some of the Principal Doctrines, and some are not by Epicurus himself but rather . 2 quotes from Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: ‘The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to sha.

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Anyone with many good reasons to leave this life is an altogether worthless epivurus. Some translations render it almost as meaning that the soul is born again at death, but clearly that would be at odds with the rest of what Epicurus says e.

He is no friend who is continually asking for help, nor he who never associates help with friendship. The sage does not feel a greater pain when he is tortured than when his friend is tortured, and would die on his friend’s behalf; for if he betrays his friend then the rest of his life would be troubled and disturbed on account of his treachery.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. No one who sees what is bad chooses it, but being lured [by it] as being good compared to what is even worse than it he is caught in the snare. That you be not constrained by one or more of these conditions is impossible; for a man never gets any good from sexual passion, and he is fortunate if he does not receive harm. It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely and honorably and justly, and it is impossible to live wisely and honorably and justly without living pleasantly.

But if by chance he should have great wealth, he could easily share it with his fellows to win their goodwill. And we will not give ourselves up as captives to thee or to any other circumstance; but when it is time for us to go, spitting contempt on life and on those who here vainly cling to it, we will leave life crying aloud in a glorious triumph-song that we have lived well.

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He who forgets the good which he previously had, has today become an old man. When confronted by evil nature is weak, but not when faced with good; for pleasures make it secure but pains ruin it.

Letters Principal Doctrines and Vatican Sayings : Epicurus :

The implication is that not honoring the good things you have achieved is a vaticn of disrespect and shows a lack of appreciation. We must heal our misfortunes by the grateful recollection of what has been and by the recognition that it is impossible to undo that which has been done. It is impossible for a man who secretly violates the terms of the agreement not to harm or be harmed to feel confident that he will remain undiscovered, even if he has already escaped ten thousand times; for until his death he is never sure that he will not be detected.

For I have been attacked by a painful inability saying urinate, and also dysentery, so violent that nothing can be added to the violence of my sufferings. At one and the same time we must philosophize, laugh, and manage our household and other business, while never ceasing to proclaim the words of true philosophy.

Not my greatest work reading, but it is hardcore philosophy. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. You tell me that the stimulus of the flesh makes you too prone to the pleasures of love.

Epicurus – Vatican Sayings

Let us show our feeling for our lost friends not by lamentation but by meditation. Selected Writings and Testimonia [1]. Published January 11th by Pearson first published The following translation follows that of Cyril Bailey except where noted. Meditations on the Philosophy of History. Employing frankness in my study of natural philosophy, I would prefer to proclaim in oracular fashion what is beneficial to men, even if no one is going to understand, rather than to assent to [common] opinions and so enjoy the constant praise which comes from the many.

Epicurus’s life when satings to that of other men with respect to gentleness and self-sufficiency might be thought a mere legend. Ieva rated it really liked it Swyings 08, Niklas rated it really liked it Jan 10, It is hard for an evil-doer to escape detection, but to be confident that he will continue to escape detection indefinitely is impossible.

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Much of what is known about Epicurean philosophy derives from later followers and commentators. To ask other readers questions about Epicurusplease sign up. The Sayings of Democritus. The sight of one’s neighbors is most auspicious if it produces the like-mindedness of one’s primary kin, or at least a serious interest in such like-mindedness. He is a little man in all respects who has many good reasons for quitting life.

The disturbance of the soul cannot be ended nor true joy created either by the possession of the greatest wealth or by honor and respect in the eyes of the mob or by anything else that is associated with or caused by unlimited desire.

Well, so long as you do not break any laws or disturb well-estabished conventions or annoy any of your neighbors or wear down your body or use up your funds, you may carry out your plans as you like. See Principal Doctrine 17 VS We must saylngs force Nature but persuade her.

Letters Principal Doctrines and Vatican Sayings

The wealth required by Nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity. Everyone leaves life as though he had just been born. Dec 02, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: Life is wasted by delaying, and each one of us dies without enjoying leisure. To speak frankly as I study nature I would prefer to speak in oracles that epicuru is of advantage to all men even though it be understood by none, rather than to conform to popular opinion and thus gain the constant praise that comes from the many.

Forgetting the good that has been, he has become old this very day. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

What cannot be satisfied is not a man’s stomach, as most men think, but rather the false opinion that the stomach requires unlimited filling.