The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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The type can be been randomly generated so as not to interfere with other extended types. This set of services provided by a data center is referred to herein as cloud computing. The control plane entities and the OpenFlow controller are packaged as VMs. For these packets, the OpenFlow controller programs a rule matching the 4 tuple: These rules must be the lowest priority of all the GTP rules in the gateway switch’s flow ssgn.

Software gfsn network-based load balancing for physical and virtual networks. The signaling and data traffic for each mobile operator network is kept private and isolated from the traffic of their competitors, even though their network and their competitors’ networks may be managed by the same managed services company.

The flow rules and actions to distinguish which peering point the traffic should traverse are installed in the OpenFlow switches and gateways A, B by the OpenFlow controller The OpenFlow control planeshown here as a dotted line, manages the routing and switching configuration in the network.

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Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)

In one embodiment, the cloud based 3G PC system can be implemented as a set of hardware devices. The GTP header flags field can also be wildcarded, this can be partially matched by combining the following bitmasks: The hypervisor allows a VM to be suspended and moved between servers to load balance. The requests originate from applications on remote machines on the Internet and therefore the security and privacy requirements are much looser than for applications in a private corporate network.


Thus, a method, system and apparatus for implementing a 3G PC in a cloud computing system has been described.

Back Office PS Core Engineer (Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG)

GTP-U control packets that are originated by the switch are generated on the software control plane and are routed by the control plane. The secure channel can be provided by any type of network including a local area network LAN or a wide area network Eticssonsuch as the Internet.

QoS is necessary because, unlike fixed networks, the wireless link is severely constrained in how much bandwidth it can provide to the terminal, so the bandwidth needs to be managed more tightly than in fixed networks in order to provide the user with acceptable quality of service.

The cloud manager monitors the central processor unit CPU utilization of the 3G PC control plane entities and the control plane traffic between the 3G PC control plane entities within ericszon cloud.

To rate this item, click on a rating below. The coupling of the set of processors and other components is typically through one or more busses and bridges also termed as bus controllers. You will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service.


Gateway GPRS Support Node – Wikipedia

Routing protocol multi-instance parallel execution system and parallel execution method thereof. System and method for coordinated remote control of network radio nodes and core network elements.

These networks can interface with the core network through a radio network center RNC or a packet control unit PCU To support the arbitrary movement of VMs between machines, the networking within the data center must also be virtualized. Year of fee payment: The GTP encapsulation and decapsulation virtual ports can be used for sgxn encapsulation and decapsulation of user data packets within GTP-U tunnels, and can be designed simply enough that they can be implemented in hardware or firmware.

The virtual edge router A,B routes traffic from the data center to and from the appropriate mobile operator 3G PC data plane switching fabric A,B. In one embodiment, the system implements handling of user data plane packets requiring GTP-U encapsulation with extension headers, sequence numbers, and N-PDU numbers.

Using virtual networking devices to manage routing communications between connected computer networks.

The rule matching process is initiated with the arrival of a packet to be processed Block A modification process can be utilize to re-route a subscriber session across the 3G Sgan network to the same endpoints or to different endpoints. If they are not required, then these fields are empty. CN CNB en