1 “Estebanillo Gonzalez, hombre de buen humor,” El furgdn de cola (Paris,. ), pp. Major critics who associate Estebanillo with the end of the tra-. Estebanillo González, hombre de buen humor: su vida y hechos contados por él mismo (Spanish Edition) [Vida y hechos de Estevanillo González.]. Estebanillo González, hombre de buen humor. Su vida y hechos contados por él mismo. on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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For a detailed description on the recruitment of Buffoons and the attitude of the nobility towards them in European history see: Hillgarthc, pp. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Oscar Gonzalez marked it as to-read Feb 23, When seen from this angle the novel is the literary form which arose as a result of this expansion and diversity. With this choice Estebanillo’s narrative of honor is complete, he becomes a Buffoon once and for all, playing his jests, drinking excessive amounts of wine and pondering life.

Estebanillo is a man who tries to make the most out of a given situation and his choices are, at least partly, motivated by instrumental considerations. Houghton Mifflin Company, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Then our Seconds, and other Friends, ran in, crying, Enough, Enough, hold your Hands; you have both behav’d your selves bravely, we are satisfy’d of your Valour.

Estebanillo González – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

The Picaresque Hero in European Fiction. Homage and praise become commodities, the subjects rebel due to the infamy of the monarchy73, the royal family hides beyond the reach of justice, the kingdom’s heroes are in fact perjured slaves, the arts are subdued and sold, the church eclipses the power of the secular authority, and royal charity funds the eschatological cries of the preachers.

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The Surgeon took up his Incision Knife, and holding it up, began to draw near to the place of Execution. We learn that Estebanillo’s origins themselves are delivered to us ingeniously, for while he describes himself as a Mongrel and claims his father is a failing painter and gambler, it becomes apparent in the first half of the Novel that his family belongs to the respectable Middle Class12, and that his father is in fact an affluent and respectable roman Merchant who has strong commercial and familial ties that extend across the Spanish Kingdom He hides in a church, but his captain, assisted by the Alguaziles low ranking law officers violates this sanctuary and drags him to prison where they- “…put me into Irons, Bolted my Hands and Feet with a Chain, and a Collar about my Neck, from which a long Bar 28 At this juncture it is important to acknowledge Richard Bjornson’s paper- “Estebanillo Gonzales”: Yet it seems Estebanillo estebnaillo now become dissatisfied with his previous way of life, whether it being his brush with death, the contact he had with the higher estate, or the feeling of degradation that ensued from the entire episode, a simple return to his raking life is no longer an option- “I talk’d with all that knew me, and scrap’d Acquaintance with those gonazlez did not; and being disgusted edtebanillo all my former professions This is the nature of the buffoon’s relations to the nobility- money for honor; the point of honor punctilio is subverted, from an act of honoring it becomes an act of humiliating.


Flemish engraver and draughtsman Baroque. Toerty marked it as to-read Aug 08, It is important to note that when seen trough the social and literary aspects, Estebanillo is indeed a mongrel between two vastly different cultures. When seen in this regard, Estebanillo act of mock-valor actually endows him with the properties of honor that mark a buffoon- that is inverted honor, and another solution to the previous scene is presented, an inverted man in an inverted world is akin to good man with right on his side.

These qualities are presented by Estebanillo as stemming from his moral character, raking life and love of liquor, and do not seem to point in the direction of Buffoonery. The substitute is offered deliberately, with an awareness of its lesser value and reduced efficacy.

Thus Estebanillo undergoes a second “death”, this time the death of the coward. Yet when we look closer at this excerpt we can see that things are not as straight forward as they are presented by Estebanillo, his show of bravery is actually a parody of the ideal of valor itself, gonaalez as gobzalez it forms a direct attack on the orthodox concept of honor by negating one of its main elements.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. One of the main theories regarding the origins of the book yonzalez it as an internal publication of Picolomini court with the author being one of Picolomini right hand men. The military forces were ill supplied and as such had to live from the country-side by hunting, growing or stealing their food.

The Picaresque Novel in Spain and Europe, Jealousie did not keep me waking; I had no Creditors to Dunn me; no Children to cry for Bread; nor Servants to put me into a Passion; so that I car’d not a Straw whether the Turk had the better, or the Persian the worst, or what became of the world.

Now it seems logical that if Estebanillo concluded that he was a good man and it was the world that was wrong, he might have dealt with his cowardice differently, but since his treatment of the dead was so “cruel”, it becomes an imperative that he is after all a coward.


In order to simplify the discussion of honor I shall borrow the terminology used by C. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Dstebanillo have a Kindle? It seems that the claim made in the first paragraph has been both refuted and enhanced, refuted by estebanilol of negating the stated fact that “I can tell you no more of Family”, and enhanced once we see that for Estebanillo it is not “My Family” but only gonzalfz and that in this regard Estebanillo is truly a self made or unmade man.

Honor becomes an instrument of humiliation and degradation, the social order itself is corrupt and abusive, with the nobility hiding beyond its points of honor and a veneer of virtue while in 72 Ibid, p. When seen through this concept the Buffoon as a mythic trope exemplifies 44 Ibid, pp. Open Preview See a Problem? The whole senate, and the Wisest, and most Learned Persons alledgeing, That they [Buffoons] were useful to tell the Emperors their Faults freely, to acquaint them with the Grievances and Complaints of their Subjects, and to Divert them in their Uneasie and Melancholy Hours….

After the last battle scene, where Estebanillo declares himself to be an Arch- Coward in a pseudo-ecclesiastical hierarchy, his self-assurance and renown become such esebanillo to make him consider joining the nobility: Pedro marked it as to-read Jun 10, This insight is part of a larger ideological complex which sees the current generation as morally depraved: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Retrieved from ” https: I thought I could not in conscience play at that game, because it was like an Unlawful way of Partnership, to be a share in Gain, and not in Loss….

When seen in this regard Estebanillo’s adoption of Pride and Vanity indicates Estebanillo assumes the decorum of “Gothic21” honor by which he seeks to create the impression of honorability through his conduct and therefore enhance his worth in the eyes of others.

With this reformulated honor Estebanillo is impervious to laughter, those who mock him, become mocked by him, and as such the winners become the losers.

File:Retrato de Estebanillo González.jpg

Arnold,pp. His degrading experience was injurious to his psychological wellbeing, by becoming a Pimp Estebanillo seeks to recuperate from this injury by doing onto others what was done to him, that is, by degrading esteanillo. By so doing the noblemen break his spirit, turning him into a domesticated animal that has been robbed of its future, that is, of its capacity to progenerate.