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I already reviewed the 10m Extacy a while back but after a few good weeks of wind and the opportunity to ride the 7m, 10m and 13m all within the space of a few days I feel its time to share my experiences.

I have to add straight away that I am affiliated to Flysurfer and will thus try and compare the Extacy more to the Psycho2 rather than other kites on the market. extacj

Flysurfer Extacy Full Range

After having ridden the Psycho2s for most of last year I thought going down to a lower aspect ratio flyaurfer would maybe suit the new extxcy of faster turning kites which are also suitable for unhooked riding.

One thing that really surprised me however is the Extacys ability to get you on the plane so early. As the Extacy has a lot less backstall than the Psycho2 you can ride it pretty powered without killing the kites momentum. In simple terms you can pull on the bar in light winds without reversing the kite. Even with the bar fully pulled in and the trimmer on full power mode flywurfer is still possible to go upwind. The 7m can still stall a bit but you have to go very slow and pull very hard and long before it stalls.

This characteristic is what helps the kite to maintain its flying speed when turned, looped or ridden unhooked.

Coming from the Psycho2 I had to adjust my jumping style a bit to get the most out of the Extacy and initially I thought that the Extacy has less jumping potential than the Psycho2 but now that I am used to the Extacy I have to correct my opinion on this matter. It still drops you a little quicker making the landings a little harder, well unless you are nicely powered up but the pop is quite spectacular. Yesterday I still managed tlysurfer get feet of height in a flydurfer 15mph of wind.


That was exttacy the 10m Extacy. Normally I would have needed the 13m Psycho2 for this. The dense and lifty air definitely helped. The other great thing about the Extacy is its sheer simplicity. No more pulleys and a super simple bridle lay-out. It has to do with the stretch and shrink of various bridle lines exfacy Armin has compensated for. So unlike the Blade3s which stopped flying all together the Extacys flyurfer on getting better.

Extqcy personally have experimented with different bar length, like I always do and prefer a longer bar on the 10m but will probably change my longer bar on the 13m back to the standard one again. The 13m has a nice bar pressure which it maintains even when more than half pre-depowered on the trimmer. I always thought that I will keep the 13m Psycho2 and then use the 10m and 7m Extacy for the stronger winds but I have now changed my mind. I can use my 10m Extacy from 12mph upwards but realistically I use it only above mph unless the wind drops during a session.

The 10m Extacy gets me up to 20mph and I then change to the 7m. I could hold on to the 10m up to but the 7m is way more fun then. The 13m Extacy has definitely more bottom end than the 13m Psycho2 and an unexpected amount of lift. For me the 13m Extacy tops out earlier than the 13m Psycho2 but then I change to the 10m Extacy way before the 13m Extacy reaches its top end.

Turning speed is not necessarily faster on the 13m Extacy but the turning circle is tighter which resulted in a lot of my landing being very fast at first with the kite heading rapidly towards the water. Well I just had to redirected less sharply. On my Flydoor I can go upwind the minute the 13m stays in the air, which is around mph.

Well I have sold all of my Psycho2s and I am an Extacy convert. I have adapted my riding style to suit and it works better as a kite for me.

I know that the Extacy also targets beginners and I do flyurfer that it is super simple to set-up, fly and relaunch but it also suits intermediates to experts who were previously targeted by the Psycho2s. The Psycho2 is an awesome kite with a distinctly different feel to the Extacy.


It has more backstall tendency but this can be used very effectively for different tricks. People who are used to the classic Flysurfer feel will appreciate the Psycho2 more than the Extacy. The 13m Psycho2 is a classic and has the biggest windrange out of all Flysurfers. For a flyxurfer rider it could almost be a one-kite quiver. Both Flysurfer ranges are great and the choice is a matter of taste and certainly not performance related. Flysurfer Extacy Full Rangeflysurfeer.

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I think I need to come up and visit you — I am not getting on with my 10m at all. Very dodgy wind, 0 — 12mph very on and off. Apart from the bad lulls, the only complaint was that I could only go upwind!

These kites are not for static flying. It locks in flysurferr drives. You need to tune yourself to something new.

I plan to flysurfrr on a frozen lake this winter and am thrilled to read such good reviews about that kite. We are an independent global kiting community sharing the wind and shootin’ the breeze. We promote inclusion and widening participation for kiters by embracing diversity in our sport. We endeavour to create a safe flying community, while opening up new and exciting opportunities for everyone. At least that’s what we like to tell people when they are willing to listen.

Alan Short, 46 year old site founder and kiter extraordinaire. Full time computer geek, espresso drinker, professional dare devil and wrestler of poisonous snakes.

Currently languishing in Houston, Texas. You can become a friend of racekites by joining our community, donating, buying advertising or by simply promoting our website. You can also become a racekites fylsurfer member by excelling in this sport and being an active site member.