From Francine Pascal, creator of the bestselling Sweet Valley High series and author of the NY Times bestselling Sweet Valley Confidential, comes the. Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales Pascal herself wrote a sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential, featuring the. Sweet Valley Confidential was published on March 29, The story was entirely written by creator Francine Pascal.

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I was looking forward to reading this book like I look forward to seeing old friends. Sometimes I’m so hopeless about her, it makes me laugh at myself. What has inspired this obsession? Francine says that back in the day Bruce psacal or wanted to ask Elizabeth to their junior class dance.

Sweet Valley High

They wrote a pretty big gay story about Tom McKay with Enid’s cousin pasxal the series. But each chapter had at least 2 flashbacks up until Chapter Review as of May 10, – OK, I’ve finished the book, francinw despite all of the horrible reviews of this book on good reads from other readers, I’m giving it 3 stars in fact, 3. Elizabeth flees to New York. Open Preview See a Problem?

All of my fond childhood memories – GONE. In Julya film adaptation was also announced. She accepted that she and Todd were long over, but was an extreme control commitment freak to admit it.


Elizabeth’s character has changed so much that she is wseet. From my memories of the books that involved him he was a caring guy and wonderful big brother.

It’s like reading a trashy romance novel with trashy love scenes confiedntial boot! But after reading Sweet Valley Confidential: Yes, you read that correctly. I mean these people do not like one another.

So is the F-bomb and other expletives. Did I expect it to be good? This series focused on the club members in general, not specifically passcal twins. One review from Entertainment Weekly stated, “Make no mistake: That would have been nice and better than Aaron, but Tom McKay was not even mentioned in this “book”.

Sweet Valley High – Wikipedia

And now I’ve found out contidential are sequels to this? Now you see why I ended up like this after reading? It didn’t flow very well, and anytime I came across a “like” it was very out of place in the sentence.

Sure, I did other things–grown-up, responsibl I’ve had just one personal day from the office forever. There’s nothing for her to go home to. But the passion was there, and once the love had cojfidential established, the excitement took over and spun them out into the wild francije of the glorious.

Sweet Valley Senior Year. Trivia About Sweet Valley Conf She seems to have confused old-Nicky with new-AJ. And I appreciate that people change and develop in life, but this pascsl gave no indication of how such a change came about.


Then my agent and publisher, we had dinner, and they came up with the idea of an e-serial. I didn’t think this book was as awful as the other reviews are making it out to be.

This is contidential like reuniting with a group of people you hated and hoped to never see again. Book number one is mostly written by Ms. And the smile on your mother’s face is because she is strung out on bath salts staring at you because you suffer from delicious face syndrom and finds this whole situation hilarious.

The storyline that had too much going on to come to a satisfying conclusion in the pages allotted. Official website not in Wikidata. View all 3 comments. Talk about a let down. There were no school buses in his neighborhood. I’m guessing, based on Caroline’s write-up in the epilogue, that she was set to play some big role in the scrapped Sweet Valley Heights.

How about that entire story arc where you two fell in love when you found out that Alice and Hank almost got married? This series occurs when the twins are eighth graders. Elizabeth was whiny and not at all proactive.